Student Politics: Free Speech At Threat On Campus

Labour Support Dives: DESPERATELY Slashing Ticket Prices for Their Music Festival

Fantastic news! The big Labour music festival has flopped! There was more ANGER and RAGE as JezFest tickets were SLASHED by 70% following poor sales.

With only an estimated 3000 tickets sold days before the Labour Live festival, organisers have been forced to cut the cost to tackle the estimated £1 million expected loss on the initiative. Angry customers have been venting their fury on social media after paying £35 a ticket when they first went on sale – this has now been reduced to £10 with other reports of tickets being handed out for free to save the red faced blushes.

A livid ticket holder BLASTED the organisers suggesting their loyalty by purchasing the tickets had been ignored. However, this is not usual for the Labour Party who turn quicker than milk on issues such as student tuition fees and Brexit, they will say ANYTHING to get votes.

While Corybn had visions of his very own Nuremburg rally, the fact is nobody wants to see a bunch of washed up bands, a whiney SoyBoy (Owen Jones) and a grandad on stage once again trying to manipulate the vulnerable young.

JizFest will be consigned to the dustbin of history like a used, soggy tissue.

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