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Italy: NOT “racism”, but realism, and common sense Conservatism

It was only last Thursday, on the 31st of May, that the official ‘Third Italian Republic’ was born. Some Italian media outlets have refered to it as such, because of previous governmental experiences as well as interim ‘technocratic’ experiments, that have failed.

The ‘First Italian Republic’ was the one that lasted the longest, from right after WW2 up until 1992, where what is popularly known as the ‘Second Republic’ came into place due to the disintegration of the leading Socialist Party as well as other mainstream parties. This occured after a nation-wide judicial investigation on political corruption, which involved countless high-ranking Italian politicians. The 1992 case was one of the biggest scandals in the history of the country.

The leadership put together by Matteo Salvini’s League and Luigi Di Maio’s 5star Movement is effectively a government of change, and represents the beginning of a new era. The light at the end of a dark and long tunnel. A tunnel made up of mass immigration from impoverished foreign countries, corruption, high unemployment and a collapsing economy.

However, recently Italians have responded firmly to the situation by voting against the elites, and by trusting to leave their nation in the hands of two eurosceptic parties.

What is truly astonishing about this newly formed government, is the fact that a right wing populist like Salvini and a left leaning one like Di Maio have managed to set their differences aside momentarily, and join together in the quest of reforming Italy’s role within the European Union.

Another incredibly interesting factor, is that Salvini appears to not have backtracked at all on any of his promises regarding immigration. His strong, virile tones, which the Italian left has many times described as “hateful” have not been moderated in any way, but are in fact exactly the same as the ones he used in his campaign.

Just a few days ago Salvini urged the public to not worry, because under his watch (he is now the Minister of Internal Affairs) migrants will “pack their bags” as “the good times are over” for them. Salvini is not “far right” as some of the British and international press have argued, he is just a simple fiscal and social conservative who cares about giving back dignity to his own people.

Regarding immigration, the current Italian government clearly has no problem with legal immigrants who are not on state benefits due to fake refugee statuses nor do they particularly have an issue with other skilled Europeans taking on jobs or degrees in Italy.

The problem with immigration to Italy needs to be adressed in a realist manner, by conservatives with common sense. Italians can no longer accept mass immigration from Africa, due to the fact that most of those immigrants are unskilled and come to the country illegally, with little to no documentation.

Also, northern Africa and the Middle East are a hot-bed for Islamist fundamentalism at the moment and letting in people from these areas is a risk to Italian national security as well as the security of other countries in the EU (including Britain) that some of these who arrive to Italy with boats from Libya decide to travel to at a later date. It is unfortunately in the interest of no European nation to accept large numbers from the high-risk African continent, and in some cases, the Middle East.

If we are to be frank, the rise in illegal immigration to Italy has amounted to 15% every year in the last three years. According to several sources, the number of aliens has reached rediculous and unsustainable levels. In only 2016 nearly 185,000 Africans landed with small motor-boats on the coast of Sicily and the island of Lampedusa. The following year, in 2017, the number was significantly lower but still too high to be acceptable as it was within the 120,000s.

Also, we have to consider, that those are only the numbers of the people who survive the dangerous trips from northern Libya, as many tragically die at sea. This is another reason for Salvini and Di Maio to push forward a policy which could involve military intervention that prevents the migrants from traveling in the first place. It would be a sensible thing to do.

The Italians are now feeling incredibly optimistic about this coalition, led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, a “middle-way politician” agreed upon by the two victorious parties.

However, of course, we have our usual suspects. The globalist, leftist establishment has been moaning and crying over the immigration and judicial policies that will be adopted. They have been critical of Salvini especially, rather than Di Maio.

Laura Boldrini, a minister from a far-left party has not even given a chance to this government and already accused them out of nowhere of being a “sexist, intolerant and reactionary government”; it was also astonishing to hear journalists from the “Repubblica” centre-left journal call for something to happen to stop them, as according to them Italians have put “Neo-fascists in charge”.

All of these baseless accusations coming from the establishment would make anyone giggle. Let us not take them seriously, or we could take them seriously and tell them that yes, we are tough, we are populist, and we will make changes happen, because the current despicable domestic situation in Italy needs to come to an end.

This leftist reign and corrupt system of power, linked directly to Brussels, needs to be wiped out and replaced with something greater that retrieves the true value and spirit of the inhabitants of the Italian peninsula, our favourite boot.

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