Islamism: Don't Ban Our Bacon Sarnies!

Government Will BAN Hezbollah Marches: Victory for Make Britain Great Again and the FLA

Following counter-protests to the Hezbollah flag march in London, the government plans to proscribe the Islamist organisation later this year. Here, we bring you the full story that the media is ignoring.

Hezbollah’s military wing was banned as a terror group in Britain in 2008 but a legal loophole allows supporters to fly the flags at events such as last Sunday’s rally, because Hezbollah’s political arm is not banned.

The Home Office has the power to ban the political wing and thereby proscribe the group in its entirety, but it didn’t. Why?

Tommy Robinson spoke of a case where police let an accused paedophile go free to avoid a riot by a certain religious community. In Bradford, Tottenham and elsewhere riots have caused violence, even the horrific death of a police officer Keith Blakelock.

The state approach seems to be to ignore serious crime to avoid a riot by ethnic minorities and Islamists – they are letting jihadis slowly take over. If I dare to revise the words of Enoch Powell, the whip hand is held by the Anglophobes!

Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd was accused of appeasing radicals, as she drew some mythical distinction between a peaceful wing of Hezbollah, and a violent wing.

This is as stupid as saying ISIS would be allowed to register a peaceful branch as a British political party. All persons waving the Swastika are deemed bigots, so all persons waving a Hezbollah flag are terrorist sympathisers.

For years, the “political wing” of Hezbollah was permitted to march on our streets, despite being labelled a terrorist group by the USA, and the Arab League. Even Hezbollah itself denied that it has two wings.

Following recent terror attacks in London and Manchester, where children were killed, British patriots decided enough is enough.

Arriving at the counter-demo to Hezbollah, the People’s Charter Foundation (known for the slogan Make Britain Great Again) and the Football Lads Alliance met a mixed reception.

While happy Israeli activists shook our hands, two members of the Zionist Federation who seemed to be organisers told us we were not welcome. They placed a metal barrier between us and them.

As Jewish activists sang songs up the road, the FLA and MBGA, the supposed “far-right”, went round the back and literally stopped the Islamist march, by sitting in the road on the march route despite death threats.

Undeterred by slurs against our character, British patriots achieved what never has been before. We forced the government to stand up to extremism, as we met the Islamists with signs saying Make Britain Great Again, and both British and English flags.

We stood for freedom and Western civilisation, even when kettled, blocked in by a wall of police vans, and threatened with being trampled by police calvary on horseback. And we won!

The British must stand together and speak out for justice and freedom, for our traditional values and culture. On Sunday, our voice was louder than the Islamists, and the state stopped ignoring their promotion of violence. Those who say rallies are pointless, think again!

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