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Donald Trump SLAMS Theresa May as ‘too politically correct’

In recent times, American President Donald Trump has called British Prime Minister Theresa May ‘too politically correct’ before the G7 Summit in Canada, indicating that her attitude towards him (among other elements) would prevent him from having meaningful talks at that Summit.

He apparently has grown tired of Mrs. May’s ‘school mistress’ tone, not to mention how whenever in discussion with him (mainly via phone calls) he resents her discussing policy as opposed to having a broader agenda, and feeling as though her demands are taking advantage of the special relationship between the US and the UK.

He also seems to resent her criticising him in public whenever she feels that he has stepped out of line, calling her ‘too politically correct’ over her supposedly refuting his claim that there are no no-go zones for the authorities (of which there are).

In response to these criticisms which Trump has allegedly made, Mrs. May had this to say:

‘I just get on and make sure that I’m delivering. That’s the job of any politician.’

This seemingly antagonistic relationship between the two world leaders is a far cry from prior encounters between the two. Theresa May after all was the first world leader to meet Trump following his inauguration, where they infamously held hands and riled much controversy among the left in Britain who hate Trump.

Trump had also previously been willing to do a quick trade deal with Britain post-Brexit. Whether this exchange throws that into jeopardy is now in question.

But Mrs. May wasn’t the only world leader in Trump’s sights involving the G7 Summit. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, was heavily criticised by Trump for being ‘dishonest and weak’ over the recent trade wars between the two countries. There was also tension between him and the French President Emmanuel Macron, also in contrast to the strong relationship the two had previously had.

Mr. Macron had this to say about Trump prior to the summit:

‘You say the US President doesn’t care at all. Maybe, but nobody is forever.’

His comments seem to indicate that his impact as a world leader doesn’t matter, as one day, he’ll be out of office. He also joked about his country becoming supposedly more isolationist.

Given Trump’s comments and his behaviour at the G7 Summit, whether this will further harm the Special Relationship is yet to be seen. Whether this behaviour will be reflected at his Singapore meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is also yet to be seen. And finally, whether Mrs. May will take Trump’s criticisms on board and will actually try to work with him is yet to be seen. One can only hope that is the outcome. We shall see.

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