Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Women, your country needs you!

I am struck by the tens of thousands of people who are joining the Football Lads Alliance and Veterans Against Terrorism marches, new media is springing up, citizen journalists and activists are joining together to defeat cultural Marxism that is turning this country into a very intolerant place.

We need more people – particularly women – to join us.

Are you part of the growing millions who are concerned about where our country is heading?

Whether it is jihadi terrorism, Brexit, immigration, controlling our borders, the violent gun, knife and acid attacks on our streets – you can have your say.

We never consented to whole towns and cities being taken over by alien cultures. Yet, you are now expected to cover your head in Tower Hamlets, small corner shops are being told not to serve alcohol and where English isn’t the first language, but is second or third.

We never consented to higher taxes, higher house prices so that our kids can’t afford a house, or our NHS being overburdened because of high immigration.

We never consented to free speech being shut down. This has happened since Tony Blair brought in the hate crime law which is being used against us, time and time again.

We never consented to our police force being cut. We never consented to our police being required to police the internet against free speech, and is being used against us, time and time again.

We never consented to our police advising those of you attending the World Cup not to fly the “imperialistic” or “antagonistic” St George’s flag. Where did this language come from, who authorised them to use it?

It’s our flag, we will fly it with pride. And a warning to those of you who are planning to travel to Russia for the World Cup, beware, the Russian police are much tougher than ours. I wouldn’t want to spend a night in their jails. Just a thought.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Don’t be silent any longer.

Ladies, tell this liberal left government of Mrs May, tell Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxists, that their vision of Britain is not ours. Tell the Lords that to stop Brexit by seeking a second referendum is unconstitutional and goes against the Salisbury Convention where the House of Lords does not oppose a government’s manifesto.

And when the deputy governor of the Bank of England talks down our economy by saying it is ‘menopausal’, let’s tell him that Brexit will be like an HRT boost in the arm, Brexit on oestrogen – powerful stuff!

Whether you’re a grandmother, teenager or inbetween, a wife or girlfriend, get involved. Attend our marches and debates. You can change the way we’re heading.

Come and meet us, come and meet me, let’s have a chat over a coffee or a glass of wine or beer.

Women, Britain needs You! Let’s Make Britain Great Again.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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