Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

The struggle between the LYING media and our broader euro-sceptic family

Brexit will happen. Yes, it’s true, it might not be the hardest of Brexits that Ukip supporters or the hard right wing fringes of the Tory party expected, but it is still happening. Theresa May has distanced herself from any possibility to remain in a full scale Customs Union and Single Market as well.

Anyhow, it would not be realistically feasible to have one without having the other, as Britain is not exactly like Norway. Some people might be tired of reading about Brexit and all of its possible outcomes in the Mail or Telegraph everyday, while other staunch Brexiteers might have lost hope in the hard-Brexit they desired.

However, taking all of this into consideration, we do have to remind ourselves every now and then that as annoying and sometimes unfullfilling this process can be, Britain really has inspired the euro-sceptic masses in the geographical union to unite and act upon questioning the European Union’s ‘divine rule’. The whole system is slowly crumbling, Europeans scattered across the continent are now more euro-sceptic than ever, as they can look at Britain and believe that another world is possible.

Look at Italy for example, only a couple of days have passed since the official agreement to form a government between the two main euro-sceptic parties in the country, The League led by charismatic Matteo Salvini and the Five Star Movement which is home to the anti-Euro youngster Luigi Di Maio.

The two parties have agreed on one of the most anti-establishment figures of the wider Italian establishment elites, Giuseppe Conte. Conte is no social conservative, and not particularly right winger either, however he is certainly euro-sceptic and has admitted himself that the left has alienated ordinary working class Italians and not been able to protect individual rights and freedoms. If Conte was English, he would be some sort of Libertarian guy with a good haircut, and a Ukip party membership. He has defined himself “the lawyer of the good people”.

As expected, the Italian national mainstream media as well as the global one, have started bashing him and criticising his appointers for not providing enough information about his past expertise as a jurist and professor.

Someone from the deep-state even spread the rumour that Conte never went to university and his curriculum vitae was falsified. This turned out to be proven quite wrong after less than 48 hours. Also, poor Salvini and Di Maio who are working to build this new government alliance, have been dismissed as “modern day barbarians” by the Financial Times.

Apparently, the Wall Street globalist and capitalist gurus did not like the idea of having a party in Italy that would push for EU reform. They must have not liked Salvini’s masculine beard and cigarette-smoking habits either. These people are, after all, massive bigots.

The lying media have been using their scaremongering tactics to drive ordinary people against Brexit during the British campaign. The Guardian’s hippie-journalism style that is overly obsessed with racism that is not just present in our beloved UK. It is quite common across the channel aswell, and even beyond the Alps all the way down to Rome, and southern Europe.

After constant hateful pieces against Salvini’s League, written by left-wing Italian “Repubblica” paper, who are really the “cousins” of the far left French outlet AFP (Agence France Presse), branding Salvini as some sort of neo-fascist only because he has promised mass expulsions of illegal aliens and putting an end to immigration from Libya, it is clear that lefty-journalists have become a laughing stock.

Very few people listen to them now or deem them as credible. They are the ones who complained during an EU press conference in Strasbourg where Salvini gave a statement; they were bothered by the fact that non-affiliated and more neutral journalists clapped and shouted congrtulatory statements to Salvini himself who had just won an Italian election. One lady, who adressed Salvini directly in a rather rude tone, was invited by him to leave the room if she could not respect a politician who has just won an election.

The beauty of populist males like Salvini, with alpha characteristics, is that they manage to appeal to ordinary men and women. Males want to be just like Salvini, while females dream of having him as a companion. On another note, most Italians are statistically much poorer now than when they joined the Eurozone twenty years ago.

Apart from Italy, grandiose things are happening in France as well. Marion Le Pen launched yesterday in Lyon a new policy institute for the European conservative-thinking youth. It was officially inaugurated as the Institute of Social Science, Economics and Politics. ‘The Spectator’ has already discretly announced that this new “right-wing adventure” could effectively pose a threat to the monopoly of the left on young people. Meanwhile the ‘The Guardian’ has clearly stated that this policy-institute basically a training school for far-right leaders. They could be right.

Who cares what these lefties think, though? “Far-right” is just a buzzword or an insulting slur, invented by intolerants, who will not accept any form of social conservative values. Let us ignore these sad mainstream media fellows, and let us rejoice because finally someone with a lot of guts and money has decided to play the long-term game to save social conservatism. Respect for the French, and for Marion Le Pen, “the new Jeanne D’arc.”

We seriously do need to rejoice. The news from our own Britain but also from France and Italy should make us feel more optimistic about the future. Conservatives, and social ones especially, are no longer fragmented in one continent; we can now be united under the eternal banners of Nation, Tradition and Family.

As Kevin Wendall Crumb, magnificently played by James McAvoy in the even more magnificent Shyamalan film “Split”, says; “Rejoice, for the broken are the more evolved, rejoice.”

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