The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

Newspapers and TV are KILLING freedom of expression

At the weekend many friends of mine joined the Day for Freedom in Whitehall (I couldn’t as I was in the US), yet despite over 4,000 people attending, the MSM ignored it. Had 30 or so people demonstrated about remaining in the EU, the press would have covered it – as they do week after week when there is a small, demented demo in somewhere like Canterbury.

The Left-leaning media embraced the worn out term of ‘Far Right’, how everyone should be worried about their rise; they’re largely unchecked and unchallenged from the US to the EU, they’re all in touch with one another; they’re joining up to screech. From Farage to Le Pen to Trump, they all talk to each other. How horrendous, that those of us who share some views and policies – and by no means all policies and views – are speaking to each other? How horrendous and vile.

But to them it’s OK that the Internationale socialist movement is rife in Africa and that they join up to undermine conservatism. Is it OK that the fascists of Antifa are encouraged to demonstrate against us and encourage violence?

Our enemies seek to define us intolerant racists. How can a Far Right rally star a son of Pakistani immigrant parents, a gay Jew married to a black man, an Irish Lesbian and a Drag Queen? And throw in a few veterans who fought for our country’s freedoms and a number of other ethnic minorities and football fans.

Meanwhile in Parliament this week, those making amendments to the Data Protection Act will seek to curtail freedom of the press. From local weeklies to Fleet Street, they fear a gagging order from Wednesday.

However, many on the Left MSM, who think us deplorable for wanting freedom of speech, are desperately trying to retain their own. They do not see the irony that the two causes go hand in hand. I have twice contacted my own Remain MP, Bob Neill, to find out how he will vote. He hasn’t replied to date, but I can only guess that he will vote to further curtail of freedom by backing this Bill.

We’ve come along way in embracing diversity in this country, but not diversity of opinion.

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