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Lies? Antifa claims Lucy Brown is their operative, as she calls for the arrest of Football Lads

There is uproar across the Internet, in Facebook forums and chats, as well as Discord. The drama has continued all day, into the night, as patriots discuss with fury that Ali Dawah was invited to speak at the Day of Freedom rally in Whitehall.

We sat shocked, unsure what to say or think as Lucy Brown clashed with the DFLA and the FLA on Twitter. Brown then claimed she was reporting the DFLA to the police.

Members of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, Veterans Against Terrorism, and the People’s Charter Foundation, have condemned Lucy Brown’s decision to invite the controversial speaker to stand with the likes of Tommy Robinson, Raheem Kassam, and Count Dankula.

However, things took an even darker turn, as a seemingly very legit Twitter Antifa account claimed Brown is their operative working under cover. We wait to see if Brown tweets a response to their claim; surely this can’t be.

For a certainty, Lucy was certainly an Antifa member in the past, though she is said to have become red-pilled and joined the patriotic right. We really want to believe her, but the bizarre thing is that last year she shared a fake poster for the Last Day of Silence rally against child abuse – a poster she knew very well to be fake – and falsely labelled the rally as white nationalist, with a clear reference to the Charlottesville massacre – this would rile Antifa.

Not only that, she actually tagged her former Antifa associates, telling them to check it out. What was her intent? Does she want her supposed allies, fellow patriots to be beaten up? Would it be a good video? What’s going on?

This almost destroyed the event, perhaps reduced the turnout, and caused a lot of anger, as speakers felt she’d put their safety in danger.

A member of MBGA said earlier today, “We want to thank all the brave speakers, at that Last Day of Silence rally, and also the more recent Day of Freedom. I wish to thank the Vets and DFLA for their hard work arranging the march for free speech. We should be proud that thousands marched for freedom, peacefully. There was a diversity, including in political ideas. It was amazing!!”

We just can’t believe Ali Dawah was invited, as he blatantly was. The denial has only annoyed people more, because the invitation was most clearly made by Lucy Brown – here on her Twitter page she boasts of the confirmation. We all know.

Ali Dawah can be seen in the Running Order for the event, and he clearly seems to legitimately think he was invited to speak. Everyone knows.

These concerns were raised by one of the MBGA team:

1. If Ali Dawah had spoken, there would have been serious risk a riot would have occurred, and people would have been severely injured. This isn’t fair on lads who’d get bottled, etc..

2. That would have given police an argument to restrict freedom of the British people, becoming more of a police state.

3. The rally was for free speech for those silenced; Ali Dawah is not silenced by society.

4. Moreover, he would not have given a speech promoting free speech.

This could have been resolved. All this drama didn’t need to happen. It was a misjudgment to invite Ali Dawah. More care could be taken in future. Instead, all hell has broken loose.

We can’t believe what Lucy and Caolan Robertson today posted about the patriotic football lads who had their back. There was shock and anger as Caolan backed Ali Dawah, calling for the police to arrest lads.

Then Lucy also called for the police to arrest DFLA lads.

The Football Lads Alliance have responded by banning Tommy Robinson’s camera girl from all future events they hold:

And the words directed at her from the Democratic Football Lads Alliance were far from complimentary, as she was accused of sharing “bullsh*t”, and blamed for the violent struggle that was terrible PR for the event. She was even accused of “Being up Ali’s arse”.

The Internet is full of calls for Tommy Robinson to sack Lucy Brown and Caolan Robertson.

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