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Lefties DEMAND RIOTS against President Trump’s visit to the UK

With President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, it is safe to say that the many British politicians already up in arms are going out in full force to virtue signal against him, to maintain both their leftie street cred and to demonise someone who represents the epitome of their rotten ideology. A patriotic leader who wants to do best for his country, not just let it get forgotten in a globalised world.

That being said, that does not give credence to left wingers, whether they be politicians or otherwise to call for violence against a democratically elected President. This is especially hypocritical given that these same lefties have had no problem with prior Presidents either abusing their power in the Special Relationship (Obama anyone?) or the various dictators that have crossed our shores, whether that be Nursultan Nazarbayev (the corrupt leader of Kazakhstan), the current Saudi Prince and the leader of Egypt, who treats his populace like dirt, most notably exposed during the 2013 Rabba Massacre, which led to the death of hundreds of people.

Were there occasional protests? Perhaps (mainly for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) but nothing on the same level of condemnation as Trump is currently receiving from our political class. No debates as to whether to let these guys in the country or not. No petitions to ban them. No complaining from the political class, sans the Labour Party and some Liberal Democrats occasionally criticising the Saudi Prince’s visit.

But apparently Trump is different. Because the left has deemed that he is literally Hitler, violence against him is a good thing. So upon announcement that he was arriving in Britain in July, various politicians on the left called for protests against him, which are inevitably going to turn violent.

Firstly we have London Mayor Sadiq Khan, of who instead of focusing on the high crime rate in the capital, is more bothered by getting involved in state affairs, something the electors of London did not elect him to do. Since he called the Vote Leave campaign Project Hate during the 2016 EU referendum, it is clear that not only is he willing to stick his nose in matters of which he knows nothing about, but also be very yelly about it.

Case in point when Trump’s visit was announced, Sadiq said in an interview with the Evening Standard that:

‘We have got a great history in our city of protests… we have got a great history in our city of bringing about change by protest, the key thing is for it to be lawful, for it to be peaceful.’

He expressed opposition to Trump supposedly spreading far-right propaganda and hoped that Trump would reflect on the supposed great leadership of the Mayor and how diverse London was. This is another of the personal attacks that Khan has expressed against the President, dating all the way back to 2016 during the Presidental election in which Khan openly backed Trump’s competitor Hillary Clinton and often demonised Trump, and advocated for him to be banned as well.

While those were petty innocuous statements made by someone who should clearly know better, advocating protests against Trump is not only worrying but also dangerous. With London already being a dangerous city as it is, is it wise for the Mayor to advocate more violence? Probably not, but for such idiots, the end justifies the means and if that can mean advocating that Londoners do not like Trump and further straining the relationship between Britain and the United States, it is worth the risk.

Meanwhile on a recent episode of the political chat show Question Time, both Labour MP Diane Abbott and Green Party MP and co-leader Caroline Lucas encouraged similar protests. When discussing whether Trump should be accepted as American President as opposed to being knocked down by the political class, both went full nutcase on us.

Abbott discussed the whole Trump tape controversy and that those who wanted to protest him have ‘every right to do so’. Meanwhile Lucas not only lied about him and whinged about his lack of commitment to climate change, she also advocated that the ‘best of Britain’ would protest against him, supposedly standing up for the ‘groups that Trump wishes did not exist.’

In case you are wondering, no we haven’t veered into full Idiocracy or The Onion territory, but rather typical political discourse within the UK. If you are wondering why our glorious nation is in such decline look no further than the laughable performance there.

On top of this, we have the delightful Guardian journalist Owen Jones singing from the same hymn sheet. On a Sky News appearance, he advocated protesting as well, on the grounds that people should call out Trump’s supposed misogyny and bigotry towards Muslims. At least unlike the other morons listed here, he is actually planning to attend the protest. Good on him for actually having the courage of his convictions I suppose. That is until he’ll probably bail the protests when it gets violent of course…

While it would seem like just your typical leftie whinging at this point, its connotations are rather sinister. Given how violent anti-Trump rhetoric and protests have consistently been since his coming to power, it shan’t be surprising to know that these supposed ‘peaceful’ protests will not be peaceful at all and will be used as an excuse to promote such behaviour, with these politicians and public figures advocating such violence for the sake of showing their disdain for Trump without having the gall to turn up themselves.

They cynically know that such violence will occur, but they do not care. It will not be them who will be affected. It will not be their supporters that will be attacked. It probably won’t even be their side who will be arrested or punished for advocating such behaviour, if some previous protests can attest to. They want to prove a point, and have no compunction on what that will cost. Again, the ends justify the means to these people, and if that means violence and rioting, they’ll happily go along with it.

All that we can say is that it shows the maniac behaviour of the left and that the only positive impact that can come from this is that more people will turn away from such lunatics in droves knowing that they can no longer have peaceful debate and discussion with their opponents and that must mean that their inherent ideas are bad. The embrace of extremism and violence by the left that has engulfed us arguably for the last few decades is finally coming back to bite them in the backside and we can only be thankful for that.

But for Trump, all we can say is Make America Great Again and that there are people in the United Kingdom who happily support you. These people do not represent us. They only care for themselves and their careers. Normal people love you. If you are reading this, know that you have the support of the silent majority on your side. See you July 13th.

Fed up with Sadiq Khant, Owen SoyBoy Jones, and John Bercow saying Trump can’t visit Britain? On the 13/14th of July get to the US Embassy to support March4Trump!!

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones on Monday, 7 May 2018

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