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Italian president’s appalling BETRAYAL as he puts Europhile in power

Italy’s president was last night accused of an appalling betrayal of the democratic will of his people, ignoring impeachment calls and imposing a technocratic government led by a Europhile.

Just hours earlier, Sergio Mattarella had faced calls to be impeached after rejecting plans from the anti-establishment 5-star Movement and Northern League parties to install a Eurosceptic as the country’s economy minister.

The populist parties have been trying to form a coalition for nearly three months after the elections on March 4th returned a hung parliament, and wanted anti-euro professor Paolo Savona to head the ministry of the economy.

But Mr Mattarella claimed the country should not have someone in the role who ‘could provoke Italy’s exit from the EU’. His veto plunged the country into turmoil and led to prime minister-designate Giuseppe Conte resigning at the week end after just four days in the job.

This to me really makes my blood boil, the people of Italy voted for an anti-EU party not the other way around.

I’ve been waiting a whole week for this new Populist government to be formed, only for it to be blocked at the last minute.

I hope Mr Mattarella gets impeached for this.

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