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Iran is not our friend, but let’s tread lightly regardless

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave what resembled a press conference in which he openly accused the state of Iran of not abiding by the 2015 Nuclear Deal.

According to the Israelis, they have further proof than what was given on air with a rather bizarre powerpoint presentation, that Iran is actually optimising its nuclear arsenal for military purposes.

Now, the fact remains that we do not really know enough details at this moment in time, in order for us Westerners and Americophiles to verify whether the information put forward by Israeli intelligence and Netanyahu is reliable.

However, what we do know is that the Israel is and will remain our greatest ally in the Middle East, and this is not going to change anytime soon. We have the duty to take their concerns seriously. The recommendation that I am sure anyone would give to the Trump administration is to tread lightly.

In this situation, it is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that needs to be called into immediate action, before we jump to any conclusions.

Any military conflict with Iran needs to be avoided as it could lead to serious diplomatic hostilities with Putin, in the best case scenario. A struggle in the Middle East is not a good idea at the moment given we are all on same boat when it comes to fighting off ISIS and Al-Qaeda divisions.

Also, not to mention that escalation with Iran could cause more serious problems to Israel and Saudi Arabia. The latter has recently undergone a great reform under Mohammed bin Salman, who is certainly more pro-Western than his predecessors and needs time and stability to conclude his investigations on the extremist attitudes of the old Saudi administrations.

With regards to Iran, it was merely last summer that the IAEA told the world that Iran was not breaking any rules of the agreement. This agreement – in case our readers did not know – is called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. If Iran has not really stopped producing uranium at medium enrichment, and is not only using its enrichment capacities for civilian purposes, while continuing to use its centrifuges at full extent instead of cutting the numbers down by two-thirds which is what agreed to do three years ago, then we shall find out.

Momentarily, we can expect Trump to be working closely with Netanyahu’s government and make a decision by May 12th. What we must avoid is giving the impression that we are hostile to them and take the word of Israel for everything without hard proof.

Also, Trump should keep in mind that cracking down on Iran by being tough but fair at the same time can send a signal to the North Koreans and make them slightly intimidated, as they should be, but without ruining the positive environment that has recently and surprisingly created itself (benevolence between the two Koreas), by making them think they are dealing with a warmonger they need to defend themselves against at any cost.

As James Mattiss from the United States Central Command once said  “There are plenty of ways to deal with Iran’s misconduct.” Leaving the accord would give Iran more freedom to do whatever they please with nuclear weaponisation, and although strong economic sanctions would be reinstated, this doesn’t mean that we will be able to keep an eye on them.

Trump must not put an end to the Iran deal, not just yet. To those who question why Iran having those potent weapons is a dangerous and unacceptable while Israel isn’t – we only have to remind them that Iran is an ultra-conservative Islamic state that practices Sharia law. Their rulers, both political and religious, have called several times for the destruction of Israel – a bastion for civilisation and modernity in the Middle East. Therefore, Iran is not our friend, not just yet.

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