Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Covert clause agreed by Lords could REVERSE Brexit just WEEKS before exit day

This week saw another attempted by the unelected House of Lords to thwart the will of 17.4m people by voting to change the EU withdrawal bill.

Gravy train riders such as Lord Kinnock and Adonis who earn substantial amounts of money from the EU have their snouts well and truly in the trough at the expense of our democracy.

A recent government petition to abolish the Lords rocketed over the required 100k signatures in a matter of days following the news. Abolishing the Lords is overkill but a reform is long overdue and it is fair to say that this is a glorified retirement home.

The most concerning aspect of this is that those in the Lords are so out of touch with the ordinary people, they are complexly oblivious to the backlash that could very well take place if democracy is cheated, something that has been witnessed in history before.

The senior House of Commons researcher Christopher Howarth warned that the “ambitious” and “vague” amendment was deliberately worded in such a way to make it difficult to understand, while still granting the peers the power to destroy Brexit.

Blogging on the Brexit Central site, Mr Howarth explained there are a series of separate “triggers” contained within clauses of the amendment which could “force the government to re-negotiate its Withdrawal Agreement with the EU”.

He said if all the triggers are all activated, they could ultimately lead to the Lords vetoing the Government’s Brexit deal.

He warned Peers could then then potentially block ministers from pushing ahead without an agreement – throwing the exit process into complete disarray just weeks before the UK is scheduled to split from the EU!

Mr Howarth said if this were to happen, it would be too late for the EU to reopen negotiations, and may pave the way to Britain remaining in the bloc.

He said: “That is their Lordships’ plan: throw as much mud as possible into the system and hope it fails.” The EU could suggest a delay in Article 50, staying in the EU or remaining in the Single Market/Customs Union… for a price.

The Lords must quickly understand that the will of the British people and the silent majority is a forced to be reckoned with. We shall not stand idly by while these old farts try to destroy everything we hold dear.

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