The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

Antifa Plan to SMASH Police Vans, DRIVING Cops OUT of Deptford, London

A billboard in London has been graffitied, condemning the border police as “racist”. Ever a force for peace, the communist extremist soy boy militia have threatened to burn and smash police vans.

They have also threatened to beat up any property developers – how dare anyone own a house! That goes against the hippy ideals of the pigheaded Corbynista thug!

Just before you have a cucky hissy fit and try to brush this off as some legitimate reaction to the disgraceful Windrush scandal, these libtards also want to abolish prisons! They are anarchist scum fulfilling the Frankfurt school plan, generating the chaos which will allow Marxism to rise.

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