World News: A Globe Raped By the Bankster Elites

‘America is respected around the World’ says Donald Trump

USA President Donald Trump said Thursday that America is respected around the globe again as a result of his leadership as he celebrated the release of the three detainees from North Korea at a rally in Indiana.

Mr Trump said his approach to dealing with North Korea is ‘leading to some very big things’.

Riding high from the prisoner release, Trump mocked former President Barack (Cheatin’) Obama for what amounted to a ransom payment to Iran during his administration to ensure the safe return of the five detainees from Tehran.

Trump thanked Kim for freeing ‘the folks early in Maryland earlier in the day, saying it was ‘sort of understood’ they’d be released during his planned summit with the 33-year-old despot.

Later on Thursday Trump announced that his first-ever in person meeting with Kim would take place in Singapore on Tuesday June 12th.

Trump also said this week that he will also be pulling out of the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal that was negotiated with Tehran in 2015.

Trump pulling out of the Iran deal was a super smart thing to do and helping free the North Korean detainees was very heroic of him to do. I can just hear Iran throwing their toys out of their pram now. Keep it up Mr Trump, and no we’re not getting tired of winning.

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