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The taboo of voting fraud – Swindon trials new voting ID scheme

Voting fraud has always been an issue that has never really been addressed or taken seriously.

Our current system is a magnet for fraudulent activity. If your neighbour is currently on holiday, there is nothing to stop someone from the other side of town turning up at the polling station, claiming to be that person and voting on their behalf. It is utterly ludicrous.

Following my complaints after the 2017 General Election, the Electoral Commission have now decided to trial an initiative in Swindon that will see voters having to show their polling card or ID to vote. To the average person this sounds like common sense, however Labour have cried that this will stop people from voting!

If one was to pick up a parcel from the Post Office you would be required to show ID, so why is this any different? What worries the Labour Party so much about such a simple task? If a voter cannot comprehend such a basic task, should they be allowed to vote at all?

Another system that is exposed to abuse is postal voting. We have heard stories from places like Tower Hamlets and indeed care homes up and down the country where this has been rife. This system also needs to be clamped down on so that only those with a genuine reason to not attend the polling station can use this as a means of voting.

We have all heard of certain communities collating all the postal votes and marking them before using a wheel barrow to deliver them. There are other stories that care homes are hotbeds for fraudulent activity. Until this is addressed, democracy in the UK will continue to hang on a knife edge.

Those in power are desperate and will use any means necessary to grasp on to this – they are the enemy of the people.

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