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People’s Charter March in Telford “Stop the Rape of Our Kids”

Saturday was another beautiful spring day. With the sun shining many may have thought about relaxing and socialising but we had only one thing on our minds – Telford.

It is a town similar to many others in many ways, such as the same shops and facilities, but it also holds the infamous title of the rape capital of the UK.

It has become the focal point to protest about the lack of convictions and inadequate police response. At the meeting point hundreds of brave people gathered to make their voices heard.

Waving our People’s Charter banners that had the phrases “Stop the Rape of Our Kids”, as well as, “Hang All Paedos”, and “Stop Anglophobia”, we marched. Gadsden Flags, the international symbol of liberty, were waving high, emblazoned with the words “Don’t Tread on Me”.

Our group, of people from many races and backgrounds, marched on to the police station where there were speeches by myself; Luke Nash-Jones (the Director of the People’s Charter Foundation); and Edward Howard (a Young Chartist). We were also most privileged to have speeches by two Telford parish councillors Bill Gillmour, and Andrew Morris.

Nash-Jones hit out hard at Diane Abbott’s Stand Up to Racism, who have opposed marches against child abuse. He mentioned that their top activist Peter Tatchell wrote a book Betrayal of Youth, which called for the legalising of the rape of little boys. Nash-Jones slammed Labour, for their former deputy leader Harriet Harman, who worked for NCCP that was linked to the Paedeophile Information Exchange. He mentioned Gary Swain who called the Rochdale rape victims “p*ssed”.

Nash-Jones also called Labour “the biggest racist organisation” in Britain, and asked why Hope Not Hate was so quiet on that anti-Semitism until recently.

Nash-Jones stated that newspapers have alleged that a West Mercia police internal memo called the sex “consensual”. The police look uncomfortable as Luke shouted, “How on earth can sex with an 11 year old be consensual?” He spoke of the need for the reintroduction of capital punishment to deter offenders, “to put the fear of God into them!

A penalty that many will argue for with the spike in child abuse. His call for “Parliament to be serious” come after the recent reintroduction of capital punishment in India. Although a strong line, the benefits of this penance will highly likely stop many offences from taking place, such as Thailand’s tough stance on drugs has equally done.

I took to the mic next to tell the huge crowd that “In the name of appeasement and political correctness, our government has allowed the systematic rape and abuse of little girls to continue – and we have done nothing!”

We must stand up now and say enough is enough, it is our fundamental duty to protect our children. Abuse can leave mental scarring for a lifetime and is indeed a life sentence to many.

Bill mentioned previous arrests, but called for more to be done. He made a passionate speech raising awareness of the child grooming gangs and to make sure that the victims and survivors are not only heard and supported but that those responsible are prosecuted.

Andrew Morris lambasted the police for in action, calling for more to be done to stop this corruption.

Of all the rallies we have done, this one left the biggest impression on me. It left me wondering how low our society has sunk to allow these sick people to harm our children and the fact it has gone on for decades. To those who have been affected, we shall continue to fight for you and raise awareness so that no other children suffer.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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