World News: A Globe Raped By the Bankster Elites

I was never a conspiracy theorist, but now…

Skripal, Russia, Punish a Muslim, Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act to prevent far right extremists entering the country, what is going on?

Today, followers of Islam are in fear of being attacked by a letter seemingly sent by haters of Muslims. The Conservative government, led by a Muslim and very personable, telegenic cabinet member, Sajid Javid, condemns the letter.

But who was it sent by – the Far Right ‘Islamophobics’ to stir up hate and division? Has anyone managed to reveal who the perpetrators are, after all, social media is brilliant at this? What is the ‘points system’ used here, where do you cash in your points mean prizes to prove you attacked a Muslim?

Or is it a false flag campaign created by the Left in order to fuel a victimhood narrative, shut down critics of Radical Islam, coupled with a decent PR campaign from across Parliament to show solidarity with Muslims?

The Skripal/Russia story broke the very week David Davis, supposedly the man in charge of Brexit negotiations, slipped across the channel and sold us up the river to Monsieur Barnier where Britain leaves the EU in name only.

At the same time the horrific details of the Telford sexual grooming gang were revealed.

There are more questions unanswered in the Skripal case than answered. The policeman who was hospitalised made a full recovery (thankfully) but there was a very stern statement to the media not to contact him or make any enquiries about his poisoning and hospital stay.

Russian citizen, Yulia Skripal, is making a recovery yet the Russian Embassy has been denied access to her.

So many people came into contact with the Skripals and the nerve agent, apparently. Five grams of Novichok can kill a room of 30 people.

Our ‘friends and allies’ in the EU scrambled to issue statements supporting Britain against Russia. Some were dragged to the statement, like Macron, and expelled some diplomats. And then the day after Mr Putin won a landslide victory in the election, those same leaders were quicker off the starting block to issue warm congratulations to the new Russian President.

A ruse to keep us safe within the arms of the EU with its new shiny army and defence structure?

Then last month two young people, a US citizen and her Austrian boyfriend, were detained in the UK under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act for being far right extremists and then deported. A few days later, their friend, a Canadian citizen, Lauren Southern, was detained and questioned under the same Act by British police at Calais and was refused entry.

She had been speaking at an event in Flanders and had travelled there and through France with no impediment. I rescued her from Calais and brought her to Strasbourg to speak in the EU Parliament, no detention there either.

Listening to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme recently there was a piece on Radical Islam and how to deal with jihadis. They ‘balanced’ the programme by talking about far right extremists. Where is the relevance? Yes, we do have a few nut jobs but nothing on the scale of the 30,000 terror suspects under surveillance, the 500 fighting jihadis who have returned from the Middle East and the 1000 jihadi brides about to return to their ‘homes’ in the West. And they’re the ones we know about.

Yet three young people, one an EU citizen and one a Commonwealth citizen, were detained. When asked about this the hapless Home Secretary said it was nothing to do with her but a police operations and intelligence decision. The police, terrorism and borders come under her remit.

From the taped conversation between Lauren’s father and the policeman, I heard the embarrassment of the policeman apologising and trying to explain to Lauren’s father why she had been detained, after all, the policeman said, she had done nothing wrong.

There are more questions than answers in all the above cases.

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