Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Damp squib Remoaner campaign launch attracts just 1200 supporters

Yesterday the Remoaner “People’s Vote” campaign was launched, in a bid to get a second EU referendum.

According to Open Britain, this was supposed to be the grand culmination of 350 protest events around the country.

It was supposedly bringing together 9 Remain organisations, backed by countless millions of pounds from billionaires like Soros, tax exile Branson, disgraced WPP founder Martin Sorrel and many more.

This great event was supposed to be the climax, after months of campaigning by toxic has-beens like Blair, Major, Mandleson, Heseltine, Patten, Blairite spin doctor Alastair Campbell (he of the dodgy dossier fame) and his “New European” newspaper, and self-appointed celebrity rich girl Gina Miller.

What was meant to be a huge national Remain protest movement ended up as a sad, pathetic damp squib with just 1200 attending the launch of this “mass movement” in the Remainer stronghold of Camden, where the average house costs more than a million pounds.

Incredibly there were NO political heavyweights attending this event – NOT EVEN any of the above mentioned toxic political has-beens.

For this campaign to succeed they will have to win a vote in the House Of Commons. However, the 4 speakers represent a tiny minority in the Commons:

  • the Green Party leader and sole MP;
  • a Lib Dem spokesperson, for the party who have just 8 MPs;
  • Tory outcast Anna Sourbry, who represents nobody but herself;
  • Chukka Umanna, who leads a tiny Blairite, anti-Corbyn faction of Labour MPs.

So, without support in the Commons this People’s Vote campaign will need a MASS POPULAR MOVEMENT. But this supposedly great popular event has embarrassingly exposed this claim to be totally delusional.

Just 1200 hundred people attended this great inaugural meeting despite

  • a huge publicity boost yesterday morning by the BBC Andrew Marr interview with Patrick Stewart, the latest “luvvie” deluded enough to think people care what he thinks, living in his privileged Camden celebrity bubble;
  • a call to arms by Open Britain and the 9 Remain campaigning organisations they claim to represent;
  • numerous plugs in the usual media suspects, with their millions of viewers, listeners and readers, including Alistair Cambell’s New European Remain campaigning newspaper which claims to have 20,000 supporters!


Figuring prominently in much of this event publicity was a “businessman” called Peter Cook. Peter who? It took a lot of Google searching to find who is this great business leader backing this mass movement campaign. He turns out to be someone who believes music will change the tide in favour of Remain!

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