The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

Alfie Evans, Count Dankula…. Where is this country heading?

Let’s unpack the week’s news to find out what our government backs … and it isn’t free speech, nor the rights of individuals.

This week a second Judge gave a death sentence to little Alfie Evans while the Vatican has a helicopter on standby to save him, or at least carry out the wishes of his parents.

Although he was backed by the Pope, the Lega Nord’s Matteo Salvini, President Tajani and others, our judiciary sentenced the baby to state sponsored euthanasia, some would call it murder. I woke up to find the little lad had died. I cried for him and his parents. The people who pass judgement over us have overstepped their remit and lost their morality. RIP little one and thank you to those who tried to give his parents the right to say how and where their son should be treated.

It was announced this week that the great President Trump will finally visit the UK. The useless Mayor of London is virtue signalling, along with other luvvies about Trump’s visit. It’s only a year after he visited the PR man Macron – a coup for France, we should have been first: Mrs May has failed yet again.

The Left doesn’t worry about trade with our biggest ally, they’d prefer to be shackled to the EU, rather than us governing ourselves. Mayor Khan’t should stick to sorting out knife, acid and gun crime.

The Left thuggery has gone into meltdown over the visit. Little Owen Jones has called the Antifa army to battle. They’ll be there, with their masks, dressed in black to violently attack those of us who support Trump.

Yet they won’t be arrested because our Home Secretary is a weak pussy-hat wearing, yoghurt knitting, designer trainer wearing, chia latte sipping non-entity. There’s no difference between her lack of governance or Owen Jones’s inciting violence.

On the same subject, why hasn’t Trump been invited to the Royal wedding? He should be standing shoulder to shoulder with our Queen. We pay for these young Royals so therefore it should also be a celebration our our two countries uniting together, diplomacy dear Harry Windsor. Ms Markle take note, that’s how we do things in this country, or used to.

Free speech, the right to family life and welcoming our closest ally is being shut down and eroded by Antifa thugs, the politically correct and corrosive left wing media. People have had enough, whether it’s being sold out in Brexit, immigration continuing after March 29 2019, our fishermen or Islamist terrorists.

From the Football Lads, Tommy Robinson, Shazia Hobbs, Count Dankula and his pug, to my unlikely bedfellows of Morrissey and Kanye West, people are finding their voices.

There is a quiet revolution happening, we are at a near tipping point; we must ensure that we win.

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