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UKIP’s Last Chance: Listen to the Millennials, or the Party Will Die

Unless it acts NOW, come May 4th UKIP will cease to exist as a viable political party in its current form. If opinion polls are correct, UKIP will win somewhere between 0.9% and 2.0% of the vote nationally, with total annihilation – less than 0.5% – in London.

In recent weeks, without any publicity and without consultation, the rules have changed regarding NEC elections, barring and disenfranchising any member who has not been a branch officer or previous election candidate and anybody who has not been a member for at least 2 years. (Logical criteria would be company board experience, or qualifications in relevant sectors.)

This effectively bans any young or Millennial member from standing and condemns UKIP to being run in the same old way by the same old people. Backwards, not forwards. And it was deliberately done so. It must be reversed immediately.

Described once as being comprised of ‘Masons, Rotarians and 19th hole bores’, UKIP also manifestly fails to communicate in any effective way at all with either the public or its members.

Despite appeals from Luke Nash-Jones and others in touch with the fast-moving metropolitan reality of 21st Century politics and despite numerous offers to help tap the world of social media and modern communications, the leadership, officers and fossils – including a majority of the NEC – instead huff and wheeze with indignation at these upstarts over their pints of flat real ale in stuffy pubs in the middle of nowhere. UKIP has become invisible. It has become utterly irrelevant. It must surely die.

Meanwhile, legions of street-savvy and media–savvy operators like Tommy Robinson, Paul Joseph Watson, Luke and dare I say it Anne Marie Waters are out there making waves and their disparate and oft confused supporters are craving leadership and a central home.

They haven’t got it yet and it is manifestly clear that they will not get it from UKIP. THAT is why UKIP has not converted the Vets, the FLA – in all its guises – or the moderate right – or Alt-Light – into members. What’s the point? Joining UKIP would be a retrograde step.

I know, for certain, that a great many UKIP or UKIP fringe activists plan to leave the party very soon, possibly to oppose it. Branches will also vaporise. They are not replaceable. UKIP friendly web-sites may also disappear, through apathy and despair, leaving absolutely no dynamic communications hubs whatsoever and no one with the ability or will to run them.

This is a last chance for UKIP officers and leadership to engage with those who can save and eventually run the party. They have a choice, pick up the phone and engage with the new communicators, or pick over the corpse of a defunct party in less than 6 weeks’ time.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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