Student Politics: Free Speech At Threat On Campus

Thank goodness Martin Sellner won’t be addressing UKIP youth

While we support certainly the concept of free speech in a public place, when one is invited to address a party event, the impression is clearly given that they represent the values of the organisation. Even that the host endorses the views of the speaker. It is well-known that a number of UKIP members, including myself, demanded Young Independence rescind their invitation for Martin Sellner to address a party event.

While there may be a shared concern about mass migration, fake refugees and so on, the foremost policy of Sellner’s Generation Identitaire is “ethnopluralism”, which we understand to mean racial segregation, as inspired by the French Nouvelle Droite philosopher Alain de Benoist – the plurality of ethno-identities – completely at odds with the UKIP constitution, which calls for people not to be judged by colour.

I have made enquiries as to what various groups believe, to see which the People’s Charter Foundation should, or should not, work with. Sellner’s group snubbed me for not embracing this “ethnopluralism”. Some of these “pluralists” advocate limiting Europe to “true Europeans”, while others propose much smaller divisions, similar to an ethnically-based communitarianism – basically, the apartheid that existed in the USA, and South Africa, in the past. Is the Defend Europe campaign just a cover for white nationalism?

Melanie Dittmer in Rhineland Idenitarians

Melanie Dittmer in Rhineland Idenitarians said, “If you throw all the colors together, you end up with brown.”

The interviewer of mixed German and Arab ancestry asks here, “But I’m German. I was born here, grew up here, went to school, speak German, what distinguishes us both?”

Dittmer isn’t concerned with cultural values, or traditional religious principles, but just race, as she replies, “The blood!”

David Kurten, whom I have met a number of times, speaks out so boldly against postmodernism, and he defends Christian values. Hence, I have a lot of respect for Kurten. Young Independence should never have as speakers anyone whose policy of “remigration”, applied, would mean deportation of David from our island. Young people are becoming drawn into this ideology. The likes of Tara McCarthy now produce videos demanding a “white homeland”.

I know that patriots are often mislabelled racist. I myself am no lefty snowflake – I have often spoken out against mass migration and Sharia law, so if I call something racist, or bigoted, it genuinely is. This isn’t a word I use lightly. Anne-Marie Waters is not a Nazi, and I was disgusted when that article by Farage labelled her a racist.

Paul Blang (left) and Martin Sellner (middle), a few meters behind Gottfried Küssel and Wolfgang Lechner at the Nowotny Memorial, 2009

I can’t make such positive remarks on this Sellner because only a few years ago he was part of the Nazi circle in Austria. At the Memorial of Wehrmacht pilot Walter Nowotny in 2009, Sellner was photographed with Wolfgang Lechner, and Gottfried Küssel who is currently in jail. Sellner called his earlier support for Küssel the product of an “effusive adolescent phase”.

German press claim that (translated), “Until 2011, Sellner was a neo-Nazi, engaged in a now outlawed right-wing extremist website and can be seen in photos alongside the Austrian Holocaust denier Gottfried Küssel.” Sellner was accused (it seems that he did) of running one of the main German-language actual Nazi websites, Alpen-Donau, and it seems that Generation Identitaire is a rebrand for ‘positive optics’.

Sellner was accused (it seems that he did) of running one of the main German-language actual Nazi websites, Alpen-Donau

If one calls them Nazis or Neonazis, they retreat to their position of calling it ‘Lügenpresse’” – a term Spencer also used, and was criticised heavily for. The term was adopted by the Nazis (though used prior to their existence) for their propaganda against the Jewish, communist, and later the foreign press.

Now, I appreciate Sellner could have changed his views, but UKIP would be hypocritical if it overlooked his past, while it bans former members of the BNP, Britain First, the British Freedom Party, and even the EDL – the latter were certainly not promoting any racial policy. The existence of a list of proscribed groups is controversial, but UKIP must decide, and be consistent – no double-standards.

Generation Identitaire claim that they are required as a campaign against Islamism in Britain. However, as I explained to Gerard Batten, one of Britain’s most prominent campaigners, for decades, against Sharia law, the ethnopluralist’s “remigration” would mean deportation of his wife! UKIP can not have such people address the youth wing. For a group supposedly opposed to Islamism, Generation Identitaire would split the family of one of Britain’s most prominent anti-Sharia activists.

The European country with the highest percentage of Muslims is Kosovo, which is white. Maybe they should go read the history of the Balkans. Both Generation Identitaire, and communists, conflate religion and race – the two concepts are not synonymous. As for the alt-right’s call for white people to make more babies, wouldn’t this mean the ideal wife for Martin Sellner is an Albanian Muslim girl?

As for the alt-right’s call for white people to make more babies, wouldn’t this mean the ideal wife for Martin Sellner is an Albanian Muslim girl?

People like Sellner, and also Marney, need to focus more on culture: our UKIP constitution makes most clear that the colour of people is irrelevant; our focus is, and will remain, on culture, language, and laws. We need a healthy, patriotic message that the people of Britain support.

Some persons made the absurd claim that UKIP should be required to host any speaker in the name of “free speech”. Only someone ignorant of the writings of John Stuart Mill, of the basic concepts of negative liberty, would promote such insanity. Free speech relates to public spaces, not private land. The note by Young Independence stating that the venue cancelled and that such was unfair shows an incredible lack of understanding of libertarianism. An Englishman’s home/hotel/conference hall is his castle, and he may decide who speaks there.

In fact, Sellner is legally entitled to express his views at Speaker’s Corner in London, but he will find the response little different probably to if Jo Marney were to campaign for Bolton’s One Nation in Lambeth.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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