Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Merkel plans to pick the pockets of other EU countries to pay for her migrant polices

Mrs Merkel, despite being rejected in Germany, is continuing to pick the pockets of the EU’s population to pay for her failed and unmitigated disastrous open doors migration policies.

Her European People’s Party, the Social Democrats, the largest voting block, conspired and colluded with the EU Commission to impose a wholly alien culture on our countries which has destabilised cohesion, community relations, has seen soaring crime rates, no-go areas in Germany and France, and Sweden becoming the rape capital of the world, even though it has the world’s so-called first ‘feminist government’.

Failing to deal with the migration tsunami has now resulted in her and the socialists doing a deal that would penalise other countries for standing up to their open door policies, Schengen and mass migration. The Eastern countries, now headed up by populist politicians – Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic – are flexing their muscles and newly found voices, by rejecting the Commission and Merkel’s forced migrant numbers plans. Is the Merkel axis response now not to take these countries to court for failure to implement their plans or is the new plan to use Structural Funds? Is she backing out of a fight that will see the resolve of the voters across Europe rejecting her forced migrant quotas and voting for more populist parties in the 2019 EU elections?

Britain has a proud record of taking in real refugees and economic migrants when needed.  The Eastern European countries have no history of migration from Muslim and African countries and are trying to protect their culture, national identity and borders. They have seen what migration has done to our great cities across Europe, and they do not wish to inflict that on their countries.

Mrs May has to stand up against the EU bully boys of Merkel, Juncker, Verhofstadt, has-been socialists, the communists and the alt left and say, no. Britain has contributed far too much over the years, we are leaving and we will not pay for your failed policies.

We have seen a backlash against these failed policies across the EU – France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Brexit, Sweden, Austria and Italy this weekend. It is now the time of the populists and Mrs May should take heart from these recent elections because the UK has friends in these countries.

My grouping in the Parliament, the Europe of Nations and Freedom, will vote against these measures.  If they are pushed through, which I believe will be the case because the numbers are in Merkel’s favour, there will be a considerable backlash. The current make-up of the European Parliament, elected in 2014, does not reflect the current make-up of populist governments and opposition parties.

Two weeks ago, Frontex, the so-called defender of the EU’s borders, produced a report suggesting that there are 1000 returning jihadi brides who left our countries to join ISIS. We know that the migrant crisis surge was used by ISIS to sneak jihadis into our countries.  Why oh why are we now being asked to pay to settle these people? Last week I proposed an urgent debate on these returning ‘brides’ for it to be rejected by Merkel and her socialist friends.  All the time they oppose the will of the people we should not be allowing them to impose their ideologies on us.

There is still time to save Europe. We need to deport all illegal migrants back to their countries of origin and send troop ships to guard our seas, armies to man our internal and external borders and to abandon free movement and Schengen. Only then can we control our borders and our safety.

I am writing a book which should be published in the next few weeks on migrant numbers and crime.  Below is a snapshot, published by Europa, of the numbers of so-called asylum seekers. These do not take into consideration economic migrants and illegal immigrants, which number millions more. It is frightening.

Asylum application EU28 (2014, 2015, 2016, until September 2017)

Country 2014 2015  2016 2017 Total
GERMANY 202645 476510 122960 137385 939500
ITALY 64625 84085 122960 103560 375230
FRANCE 64310 75750 84270 65345 289675
GREECE 9430 13205 51110 41735 115480
AUSTRIA 28035 88160 42255 17400 175850
UK 32785 38800 38785 24360 134730
HUNGARY 42775 177135 29430 2445 251785
SWEDEN 81180 162450 28790 16080 288500
NETHERLANDS 24495 44970 20945 11250 101660


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