The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

Labour accused of secretly reinstating anti-Semitic councillors

It doesn’t seem that long ago we reported on the anti-Semitism in the Labour party in the hope that this would be stamped out. Sadly the cracks within the party are getting greater and greater and is becoming a huge deluge that the Party Leader Jeremy Corybn has failed spectacularly at dealing with.

More shameful allegations have emerged accusing the Labour Party of secretly reinstating at least six councillors despite them having posted anti-Semitic messages online, insiders have claimed.

The fundamental problem that the party has is that when the odious Tony Blair opened up the floodgates to increase his Labour vote, he ignored the true roots of the party that died along with the late and great John Smith. It is a simple fact that the party have not represented the working class in decades.

What we are witnessing in the party is a cultural divide where a dominance of power is being sought from the other and in essence exactly the way countries were first formed. Some cultures can never co-habit with others; a multi-cultural mixing pot often ends up causing issues as history has taught us.

The balkanisation of the UK must stop and our culture must be allowed to thrive. We welcome hard working Asian and African engineers to our shores but we do not need more people to wash cars or be dominated by another culture. Such a threat is tantamount to being invaded by a foreign power.

Since Corybn took the leadership role there have been 300 reports of anti-Semitism within the party. This is a staggering figure. Could you imagine the kind of grief a party like UKIP would get for that? It is very rich of the Corybn lovers to shout claims of racism about those who just want to exit the EU – it is many of these that are the root cause of racism by insinuating it. There is a deafening silence from groups like ‘Hope not Hate’. Why are they not challenging the real racists over this?

Anybody with a bit of knowledge of political history will know that fascism is Left-wing in both essence and spirit. The Marxists have long managed to persuade the world that fascism is the opposite of socialism when, in truth, they are twin aspects of the same totalitarian drive!

Not only is the Labour Party very poor opposition but it is a real threat to the stability of our country. It is hard to see how the party can recover from this latest and very sinister scandal.

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