The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

If you want to integrate, speak English!

Dame Louise Casey has criticised the government for not doing enough to promote integration following a report she wrote in back in 2016 to “heal rifts across Britain”.

Following the Balkanisation of immigrant communities throughout the UK, the Dame suggested that government should set a target date for everybody in the UK to speak a “common language” in order to see cultures integrate.

Two years on it is clear that no progress has been made. From personal experience when out shopping in the local supermarket it is clear that many different languages are spoken; this is isolating our sense of community and is diluting our culture.

People have said that the situation is similar in workplaces where different races form their own circle of friends and tend to stick together. This is a huge problem in the UK today and defeats the object of what multiculturalism is. In reality this Frankfurt School inspired nonsense is a failed Gramscian cultural Marxist project that is destroying the British identity.

The government should set a target date for “everybody in the country” to speak English to encourage integration, the former official has said.

Dame Casey also called for further work on gaining equality for the “white working class population”; this is long overdue, many will feel. Communities outside London, through the rust belt and especially in the north would welcome such a change as many feel neglected.

Criticising the government for not taking any action since its publication, she said that integration should be “one of the most significant priorities” for the government and that any more delays to the strategy would be “incredibly frustrating”.

She added: “I don’t care how we’ve got here, I don’t care who can’t speak English [and] I don’t care what’s going on.

“But what I do know is everybody of working age and of school age should be able to speak one language and I think the public in particular would feel some relief.”

“I think parts of the North, where we’ve got a very significant white working class population who feel incredibly alienated, who do not have, frankly, hope… they can’t say that their kids will grow up [with] better lives than they have themselves,” she said.

“It’s not only about the tides of immigration and migration and English language, but some of this is about equalities overall, as well as in terms of social and economic disadvantage.

“Let’s see what they come up with.”

We sadly, shall not hold our breath on this…..

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