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Disgraced former UKIP leader Henry Bolton starts new party

The disgraced former leader of the UK Independence Party, Henry Bolton, says he is setting up a new political party called OneNation.

Has he become a sudden fan of Pauline Hanson? Her Australian party opposing Sharia law has such a name.

Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation stated, “The name of the new party is absurd and very disingenuous, because it is inappropriately taken from Disraeli’s one nation philosophy – a burning patriotism, that unites Britons across class divides. He famously clashed with liberal Gladstone, the inspiration of Bolton’s beloved Liberal Club, and his former party, the LibDems.”

At a UKIP meeting in Frimley two months ago, Bolton said that he’s an old school liberal. That would make him more like Gladstone, not Disraeli.

Nash-Jones continued, “Postmodernists David Cameron and Ed Miliband both also tried to lift the phrase ‘one nation’, which was a ridiculous stunt m, because traditionalist paternalistic conservative Benjamin Disraeli would have no time for them, or Horny Henry.”

Bolton is hardly a traditional Disraelian social conservative. In fact, he was turfed out as UKIP leader after just 5 months when it emerged his partner Jo Marney, a 25-year-old ex-model for whom the 54-year-old had left his wife, had sent racist messages, including one about Meghan Markle.

Bolton was ousted as UKIP leader at an emergency general meeting (EGM) last month, when two-thirds of the party membership backed the vote of no confidence by the NEC, thanks to the People’s Charter Foundation’s successful #BinBolton campaign.

Attempting to explain his bizarre formation of the new party, Mr Bolton said: “There is a need for a truly professional political party that believes in Britain, that preserves our national identity, culture, heritage and confidence and talks our great nation up rather than down; a party dedicated to the full independence of the UK in all areas of law, government and public administration.”

Fortunately the conflicted Bolton’s party has yet to register with the Electoral Commission – meaning that it has missed a deadline that would have allowed it to field candidates in May’s local council elections carrying the party name.

It is unclear where the new party will get funding from. Questions have arisen as to whether Jo Marney will be standing as a candidate – as suggested by a UKIP member earlier this year, maybe the couple should stand in Lambeth and see how unpopular they are.

On its website, OneNation says that UKIP “has sadly lost much of its credibility, influence and ability to shape national events”.

If Bolton wants to talk about losing credibility then he should take a look in the mirror. Dumping your wife and kids by text message at Xmas to get into a relationship with a racist young enough to be your daughter is a great way to lose all credibility.

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