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Chester Council Compete with Diane Abacus for Idiot of the Year Award

A spectacular Twitter fail erupted this week for Cheshire West & Chester Council when they tweeted what they hoped was a good bit of PR with a photo of their employee Darren measuring a pothole. He explained it wasn’t deep enough for immediate repair.

The image showed Darren using his spirit level to measure an enormous hole while seemingly resting one end halfway down inside the crater.

The council’s tweet claimed as the hole was supposedly under 50mm deep, it will not be filled in “at this time”.

But eagle-eyed social media users hit back saying if his spirit level were longer, it would have rested on the road’s surface and proved the pothole was cavernous after all.

Hundreds expressed incredulity at the council’s claim, as this selection of tweets shows.

The council responded by claiming the picture angle is confusing – but failed to convince residents that the spirit level was resting on the road surface.


Top bants!! CW&C, humiliated, rather unsportingly, later deleted the tweet.

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