Student Politics: Free Speech At Threat On Campus

York Uni demands students forget studying, to join lecturers strike

Abigail Eatock, the Secretary of the UKIP Students branch at the Soviet Indoctrination Camp of Heslingrad, sorry the University of York, informs us that the institute is demanding students miss class.

Students are expected to bring food, drink (Yorkshire tea?), and support the strike. Anyone who has been to university knows that the darling snowflake Gender Studies lecturers are so hard-up that they are thin, shrivelled, walking corpses, starved to death. Actually, some of them look like a Yorkshire pudding, actually, a dumpling.

What a responsible way to act when trusted with the care of young people! If making claim to be collecting a salary in return for improving the future prospects of doctors and engineers, sure one’s holiday funds shouldn’t be the priority. It is hardly noble to order students to join your childish Marxist tantrum, instead of studying.

Oh the irony! Such lecturers deserve a pay cut, not rise, or even to be sacked.

Abigail is about to be crucified by the York campus feminazi bitch brigade because her cute Barbie pink Facebook “marker pen” stereotypes women

£9,000/year uni fees well spent, innit! A mockery of the education system.

Has it not crossed the braindead Labour students’ minds that if the lecturers earn more, the course fees will rise?

Are not course fees a contentious subject for Tufton Swamp creeps’ tadpoles? The pondlife that somehow snuck on to various universities’ campuses, perhaps due to daddy’s generous financial donations to academia, or did mummy help the Principal achieve climax? We can’t be sure, but we find it impossible to attribute their acceptance into university to hours of critical thinking and the deserved reward.

Will they rely on the old magic money tree? Just think about this: if you study a useful degree with serious work prospects, you will now have the pleasure of receiving even higher tax bills. All so those attention-seeking Gender Studies lecturers can slap each other’s backs for a good stint of virtue signalling.

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