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USA Scanning Internet to Block ISIS Content

US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Tuesday that terrorists will turn to blogs, chat rooms and encrypted chat apps to keep spreading their message online.

In an organised global effort led by social media and internet giants Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter, the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism has been a major asset in government intervention in terrorist recruitment online.

Nielsen highlighted the fact that as companies such as the ones mentioned above, and other technology companies begin to rid their platforms of terror related activity, extremists are attempting to utilise other methods to get their messages across. Nielsen’s comments emphasised the challenges the global community faces in tackling terrorism, and how the rise of technological capabilities and the internet make is easier for terrorists and other criminals to elude authorities.

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd joined the conference, where she announced a tool designed to detect and block terror related content online. ASI Data Science have developed technology that will analyse Daesh propaganda content, and block that content. The Home Office states that the tool is capable of detecting 94% of propaganda, with an accuracy of 95.995% accuracy.

In a statement she said: “The purpose of these videos is to incite violence in our communities, recruit people to their cause, and attempt to spread fear in our society. We know that automatic technology like this, can heavily disrupt the terrorists’ actions, as well as prevent people from ever being exposed to these horrific images.”

It is a thoroughly promising move for internet giants and governments to form such a partnership to tackle terrorism, and never has it been more necessary, as cyber security and terror come to the fore in the debate surrounding global security.

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