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URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons

URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons’ “freemen of the land” nonsense

This will ruin Brexit; BE CAREFUL

A woman called Francoise (refuses to give surname, but is Thompson), has appeared out of thin air, organising a Brexit rally.

No one has heard of her.
No one saw her campaign before the referendum.
No one saw her protest in the months said.

Before you call me paranoid, I wasn’t wrong about Hazel Brown; she was a journalist.

Francoise keeps messaging me, begging me to combine the serious efforts of the People’s Charter Foundation (we organise Brexit rallies around the country) with some “freemen of the land” nonsense.

Francoise and the “freeman of the land” Pendragons claim that English law, and the Welsh, and Scottish variants, are not valid.

They say they follow “natural law” of the people.

“Freeman of the land” refuse to pay tax.

They do not respect the police; in fact, the group Francoise promotes (White Pendragons) hold rallies in illegal locations; and their leader Graham Moore, also founder of “The People’s Bailiffs”, was thrown in a police van.

Having arranged a number of rallies, I have always found the police to be very reasonable; they even help protect us from Antifa.

Moore has publicly chanted “F**k the Queen. F**k the army”.


If anyone watched that clip, and still wants to support the Pendragons, scientists will be desperate to meet you, to examine how a human is managing to function without a brain!

Francoise and the Pendragons demand the leaders of Britain resign for “treason” though such has not been committed; this makes Brexiteers look stupid, and will result in an even softer Brexiter.

Moore was in jail for bank fraud.

This is a terrible image to associate with Brexiteers; it would help the deep state a lot.

He asks for donations, saying he filed for a judicial review against the Act of Parliament that caused British membership of the EU.

It is NOT possible to have a judicial review of an Act of Parliament.

DO RESEARCH: Check the facts. On the day he was protesting outside the Supreme Courts on this, the court records do NOT list any such case (judicial review) occurring.

Here is the petition Francoise is circulating. It features “freemen of the land” nonsense.

I studied law.

Britain has two types of law:
– Statutory law: passed by Parliament;
– Common law/case law/judicial precedent: a decision made by a judge during a case;

The Pendragons, and also Mark Mercattelli, incorrectly state that “common law” means “natural justice”, law made by the people; in reality, it means the words of a judge.

Further, the petition is absurd!
Magna Carta did NOT give power to the people!
It gave the vote ONLY to the landed gentry.
It was the PEOPLE’S CHARTER that called for all to have the vote.

The Lords want to STOP Brexit – to demand they, on the basis of Magna Carta, have the final say on leaving the EU, is pure stupidity.

Further, the Lords, which Magna Carta empowered, passed many laws which superseded it.

Anyone spewing this “freeman of the land” nonsense is a threat to Brexit.

Why is Francoise promoting it so fervently?
Why is she DESPERATE to associate me with this nonsense?

I won’t be surprised if she’s another journalist.

This would be perfect fuel for a documentary mocking Brexiteers as stupid, pushing “common law” nonsense; Dragons getting arrested by police.

I won’t surprised if some incident is staged at her Brexit rally.

If we are to win, we must be smart:

– We must have an accurate message; it is important that it is formulated by those who actually know law, political theory, and in addition, know the pain that people feel;

– We must work with, not against the police: they are very reasonable if you hold a rally in a legal location, inform them, keep to the law, and don’t invite actual fascist speakers!

– Be far more careful whom you stand on a stage with for goodness sake. Why the hell would you march with someone you know NOTHING about; no history, no one saw her protest, no organisation, member of no party – if that doesn’t stink of possibly being MI5, you are blind.

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