Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

UKIP Hampshire official SMACKS Henry Bolton, “Get behind me, SATAN!”

One of Britain’s leading Brexit activists Luke Nash-Jones has a reputation for not beating around the bush. Today, the UKIP North East Hampshire branch committee member made very clear on Facebook what he thinks of Henry Bolton.

“The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, ‘GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!’ (Words of Jesus at Matthew 16:23)”

Last week, in Frimley, Surrey, the no-nonsense populist, known for getting straight to the point, hit a raw nerve, as he called out Bolton for walking out on his kids at Christmas. Such an action he suggested contradicts UKIP’s unique selling point: a traditional family values image, and has caused a sharp fall in membership, even closure of branches in Hampshire.

Attempts were made by the cowardly chair of UKIP Surrey to “DESTROY” the footage, to ensure Nash-Jones’s courageous comment to Bolton was never heard, though Horny Henry was given a copy.

Undeterred by the support for hedonism by those more than old enough to know better, Nash-Jones, who campaigns around Britain for Brexit, tore into the party leader AGAIN, stating,

“How bad must things be if I upload a speech, and three people ask me to be UKIP party leader. I get messages like this all the time; even from top party officials.”

“Friends, I’m nothing special. I just say what the people feel. The question I am pondering is, Why the hell doesn’t Horny Hooray Henry?”

In a speech to UKIP branches in London, Nash-Jones stated that the future of the Party was ALREADY in jeopardy due to the actions of Bolton, who he called for the defenestration of. He said the postmodernist “doesn’t care about you and I”.

Nash-Jones uttered similar words on Facebook, saying,

“The pain, the suffering, the anger. We, the people, have no voice. It’s so obvious what UKIP needs to be, but the leader was too busy shagging a member of the youth wing! This pathetic, hedonistic Liberal Club twonk just doesn’t even begin to understand the people. Or maybe Paddy Pantsdown 2.0 doesn’t care about us.”

“I certainly do not believe a man so obsequious to the EU machine for decades is on our side. Anyone who voted for this LibDem really needs to wake the hell up! Now you post that you didn’t know his past – I stated clearly online BUT you mocked me – please this time hear me out before judging.”

Bolton left the LibDems only three years prior to standing for UKIP leadership. Nash-Jones had called out Bolton, stating his supporters might as well vote for Nick Clegg.

Known not to mince his words, Nash-Jones’ statement on Facebook continued:

“Henry Bolton doesn’t CARE about you and I.
He doesn’t talk about the problems we face.
He doesn’t represent the values we stand for.
He will KILL the party, and in so doing, probably Britain itself.”

“Anyone denying this is probably just a disgusting political careerist after a position. You may scream and shout that you will drain the swamp of malcontents. You will go down the toilet with the Horndog.”

A number of non-UKIP members, such as Marty Caine (who set up a rival party to UKIP) have targeted Nash-Jones, while Kipper Central and UKIP Daily face weak threats of silencing, even baseless claims for legal action. To MBGA News, Nash-Jones stated, “What’s he going to do? Expel the whole Party?”

The statement by the leading Brexit activist continued:

“We are the REAL people.
We have had enough of being lied to.
We had had enough of being cheated.
We have had enough of our country being destroyed for your quick profits.
The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, “GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!” (Words of Jesus at Matthew 16:23)”

We will stand up and shout!
We will fight, to our last breath, to save civilisation!
And, we will win!
We will take our country BACK from liberal, hedonistic, vile scum like Henry Bolton!”

The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, "GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!" (Words of Jesus at Matthew…

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones on Thursday, 8 February 2018

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