The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

The BBC: where did it go so badly wrong?

To say that I’m excited about this coming Sunday is an understatement as we approach the BBC bias rally. Those who know me well have known how much I’ve come to dislike the BBC but it wasn’t always like that. Growing up in the 80’s it offered fantastic programs and we trusted and adored her, so where did it go so badly wrong?

The truth is that it has been overrun with products of the left-wing education system that has been complicit in the indoctrination of the young and impressionable for decades. Their work is now coming to fruition at the expense of impartiality. There is no question that the BBC has failed to follow her charter and has now become a very dangerous beast.

What I believe grates most on people is that with Sky, Channel 4 etc we can stop watching their bias which is also true for the BBC, however it is the fact we are forced to fund this propaganda machine by law if we wish to watch any live TV. I refuse to pay for a TV licence so subsequently I cannot watch any Freeview channels, however it’s a sacrifice worth making to stop the funding of champagne socialists and those who lecture us from their little bubbles, preaching to us that we should be welcoming mass immigration when they do not see the world how we do.

The fact that the licence fee is going up £3.50 is astonishing and quite breath-taking as the 25m+ payers will generate an obscene amount for funds, and just for what? The gravy train needs to be derailed; there is no place in society for this cartel. The BBC must now be a subscription-only service so those wishing to continue to be brainwashed can do so at their own expense.

The debate to abolish the TV licence that I initiated and watched fail all due to ex-BBC staff in the government fuelled my fire even more. It must no longer be protected and it is time we made a stand in numbers and people power to say we shall no longer be taken for mugs.

It is your duty to make every effort to attend. We must make our voices heard on Sunday and it is time everyone came out to support this important event; this is the most powerful message we can give to say ‘enough is enough’!

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