Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

MPs could join forces with Labour to BLOCK Brexit

Millions coughed into their cornflakes this morning as Anna Soubry told Andrew Marr that MPs could join forces with Labour to block the kind of Brexit that Prime Minister Theresa May wants.

It is clear once again that the final remnants of the pro-EU faithful are fighting hard and aggressive like a wounded animal. They continue to rear their ugly faces because they are so disrespectable to the wish of the nation.

The all-Remoaner BBC sofa saw Labour’s Chuka Umunna appearing alongside Ms Soubry, agreeing with her shocking comments.

When Marr suggested to Ms Soubry that she was politically aligned closer to Mr Umunna than she was to leading Brexiteer and Conservative colleague Jacob Rees-Mogg, she said: “I’m not denying that.”

Asked if she thought Brexit would definitely happen, Soubry said: “I genuinely don’t know what is going to happen. Well I’ll tell you who might stop it, and that’s the people of this country. We won’t stop it. It is the people. We gave the people a referendum to start this process.”

Fellow Remoaner Mr Umunna uttered: “There is no majority in the House of Commons for us simply to jump off a cliff.”

The comments came a day after a Brexit rally was held in Birmingham where speakers spoke of Theresa May being the modern day Neville Chamberlain, then afterwards a march took place to anti-democracy MP Ian Austin’s office to remind him what the country voted for.

I have the following message to Anna Soubry, whom we protested against just a few weeks ago – we shall return to Nottingham once more if you do not listen to your constituents! Depart I say Anna! Be done with you! In the name of God just go!

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