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Is Henry Bolton ordering the UKIP NEC to delete content to please ‘racist’ Marney?

As Henry Bolton’s former (or so he claims) mistress Jo Marney came under fire for remarks deemed racist, he dumped her. On to TV the Harry Enfield look-a-like went saying it was over, only to then state on Russia Today that he was considering a rekindling of the relationship.

Doubts appeared after Christopher Snowden of the IEA claimed he saw the couple enjoying a meal in the Liberal Club in London. Now today, claim has been made that the couple were spotted together in Folkestone.

Doubts extend further when we consider an email sent to the NEC, after Bonkerous Bolton’s bit of stuff kicked off about a tweet critical of her.

Just over an hour later, an NEC member received an email from Horny Hooray Henry demanding Mick remove a tweet that had upset Jo Marney.

The girl was suspended by UKIP. Why is the party leader spending his time harassing actual members, elected NEC members in fact, for the sake of her?

Hasn’t Bolter got some real work to do? Like sorting a manifesto? Fixing the terrible digital outreach? Attending the non-partisan Brexit rallies over the past months? And no, the last minute flurry of activity now his seat is at threat only shows he could have done it previously.


The word “moll” is slang for a female companion of a gangster – this would be defamatory if no one would deem Bolton to have behaved like a gangster. The definition of such a racketeer would be a person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent dealings.

He ran on the platform of a family man, wearing a wedding ring in a manifesto, but now claims his marriage was broken – was that misleading? You decide.

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