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Henry Bolton supporter calls for Luke Nash-Jones to be “shut down”

Bonkerous Bolton supporters surely fear defeat this Saturday. Horny Henry fan-boy Lee Turner has called for one of Britain’s leading Brexit activists Luke Nash-Jones to be “shut down” and “left out in the sun to dry”. Words some would construe as a death threat.

The post by Turner calls for Nash-Jones to be silenced, for disagreeing with Henry Bolton. The hardworking Brexit activist is a man of convictions, while as far as we are aware, Turner has done nothing to campaign against the EU, never having supported a Brexit rally. We travel around the country reporting; we know who is putting the effort in.

UKIP Daily expressed they have received threats of legal action, for printing the truth, and expect to be victim of the absurd disciplinary action that the UKIP leader spoke of in the town of Bolton in Greater Manchester. Kipper Central also expect some retaliation for their journalistic work.

It is no surprise that the 52 year old snowflake based in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, is a school teacher, working for London Teaching Pool Ltd of Hainault, Essex. Until recently he worked at Barnfield South Academy, Harris Academy, Manshead School, and Leigh Academy.

Marxism-infested academia has long struggled with a problem of intolerance to alternate views, resorting to policies of “no platforming” where right-wing speakers are banned from campus.

However, new levels of pure stupidity have been reached with Mr Turner’s call to ban UKIP party members from speaking if they backed the NEC.

This comes after Henry Bolton himself said he wished it was legal to fight in a duel UKIP member Warren Whitmore who didn’t support him; an action that would result in assault, even killing of critics.


Lee Turner, specialises in video production. He has called for the MBGA News Editor-in-Chief to be silenced; perhaps he is jealous of the support our video channel receives.


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