Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Why won’t Bolton resign? The real reason.

Henry Bolton is an absolute disaster for UKIP; just this week he told Piers Morgan that he would possibly rekindle a relationship with a racist; and he told Russia Today that he still loved her. For the party that has been often unfairly accused of bigotry by the mainstream media, Bolton is the last figurehead required.

As today, about 25 UKIP members assembled in Surrey to hear Bolton give his case to remain leader, he was met with loud chants of “Get out!” and “Resign!”; even from branch committee, and NEC, members. Other than cheerleaders such as Richard Palmer who had travelled East-West halfway across the country, everyone was furious with Horny Hooray Henry.

Why does Bonkerous Bolton stay? What is really happening?

Last night, in a livestream for Make Britain Great Again, I detailed how Farage has long been furious at the NEC, and is using Bolton to take it out. For years he has wanted to abolish the grassroots committee. It is rather difficult that the Brexit hero, who in many ways we admire, and look up to, takes issue with elected representatives of the people.

Today, the Daily Mail states, “Mr Bolton – who is refusing to resign over his relationship with glamour model Jo Marney – would rip up the party’s management structure [chucking out the democratic voice of the grassroots; the NEC] before standing aside for Mr Farage to return. In return, Mr Bolton would be rewarded with a senior job by Mr Farage.”

Former NEC member Dr Tomasz Silvnik, and other senior UKIP sources I won’t name, have detailed the debacle over the Welsh Assembly election; stating that Farage wanted Alex Philips parachuted into a top Welsh seat, effectively guaranteeing a seat. It is implied that the local Welsh UKIP members didn’t wish for such, but preferred Neil Hamilton, Gareth Bennett, Nathan Gill, and others. This however suggests the NEC is hearing out the voice of the members; basically doing its job.

None of the Bolton fan boys, such as Mark Childs (called a “village idiot” by Bill Etheridge MEP), or Richard Palmer, can name to me one constitutional rule that the NEC has breached.

I admire Farage’s determination to speak out against Brussels when others were silent, but his attack on the NEC is a very unhelpful distraction that could stop Brexit. The grassroots committee work hard, UNPAID. It is stressful! Removing members that bring the party into disrepute, or trying to balance the books; a rather difficult task, considering that much of “Team UKIP” is not employed by UKIP.

Just take a second to think about this. It’s an absolute nightmare! This means that the Board (the NEC) has no real control over the UKIP project. These persons are employed by the EU-funded EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy); a totally separate organisation. Nigel Farage is the chair of the EFDD; he controls the higher echelons of the purple force; effectively, he still runs UKIP. Bolton is his man; he was his “referee”; a move that naturally would get UKIP members to back Horny Hooray Henry. Who is it who now backs Bolton on LBC radio?

In reality, the reform that UKIP needs, is a structure that gives the elected NEC members a proper say over the actions of EFDD workers who operate in the capacity of UKIP staff. We need the leader to be allowed to get on with the job. Also, a more engaging NEC election process is required; for example, require candidates to submit a video, so we know something of them, and also to attend a hustings somewhere in the geographical centre of Britain at a main transport hub.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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