Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Swaying public opinion in a fashion Lord Haw-Haw would be proud of

After the festive celebrations came to an end, many of us this week trudged back to work and back in to the old routine – the BBC were no different.

The BBC went on an all-out attack with its anti-Brexit and anti-Trump propaganda firing out a barrage of stories to once again sway public opinion in a fashion Lord Haw-Haw would be proud of.

The blitz was in full flow by Friday when the TV licence holders had to endure stories  on Trump’s mental health, his credibility and an utterly shameful piece on the ‘Brexiteers dying out’ suggesting Brexiteers are ‘old and stupid’! We also continued to see the BBC push the normality of reversing Brexit in an attempt to reverse the democratic will of the nation.

The EU funded corporation also ran multiple articles on former Prime Minister Tony Blair who is desperate to become the next emperor of Europe and even spoke of holding a third referendum. This man who is hated by many for this role in opening the borders and dragging the UK into an illegal war in Iraq has no right to a platform and absolutely has no relevance to Brexit. It appears the establishment are throwing everything to halt our departure from the EU.

A poll released today by finance provider Creditplus found that only a sixth of people trust the BBC, in another blow to the corporation.

These are prime examples as to why it is now time the TV Licence fee tax was axed; the BBC not only does not represent, but actually holds in contempt over half of the population! It is clear that the only way the public can deal with this menace to democracy is to stop funding the outdated model. Previous attempts to resolve this in Parliament have been futile given that many in the Commons enjoy a cosy relationship with Auntie Beeb; they do not wish to ruffle any feathers and become blacklisted by the BBC.

It is time Britain rose up and voted with their feet to defeat this menace that is threatening our British culture and democracy – axe the TV tax NOW!

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