Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Second Referendum on Brexit? “Tony Blair is a Sociopath”

In the latest in a string of interventions since the June 2016 referendum, Tony Blair has laid into his successor Jeremy Corbyn saying that Labour’s “timidity” over Europe will usher in Brexit. He urged the opposition party to “fight for the right for the country to re-think” on Wednesday.

Blair waffled: “[I]f Labour continues to go along with Brexit and insists on leaving the Single Market, the handmaiden of Brexit will have been the timidity of Labour”.

Blair expanded on his views on the January 4th edition ofBBC Radio 4’s Today programme. He was described as “manic” and “hesitant” by listeners as he failed to justify his claim the economy would suffer due to Brexit. The BBC presenter John Humphrys pointed out that the UK economy is set to overtake that of pro-EU state France.

Blair is full of hot air. As for the claims that EU nationals are leaving the UK, the number working in the NHS actually went up since the EU referendum. Awkward!

Journalist Paul Joseph Watson has slammed the former prime minister as a “sociopath” after his call for a second EU referendum. “A war that led to a ruined country, a destabilized continent, around 1 million dead & the rise of ISIS. Why on earth is anyone still listening to him?”

The campaign group Leave Means Leave said voters would take no notice of a leader “who took us to war on a lie and who cannot admit when he is wrong”, the former accusation a reference to controversial Iraq War in 2003.


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