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Scottish Relaunch of Marxist MILITIA Relies on Capitalism to Raise Funds

On the 25th of November, we went to Edinburgh to report on the brave Veterans Against Terrorism march. We were confronted by left-wing activists from the STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress), but it seems some got lost, or shy, because Scotland’s newly-formed wannabe communist militia Red Front Republic went to Glasgow to challenge patriots (wrong city!)

We reveal that this latest Antifa-style group appear to be a revival of the “Alliance of Red Front-Fighters” (Roter Frontkämpferbund) thugs that caused violent unrest, basically civil war, in 1930s Berlin. Their website features imagery of them marching on British streets with flares – this is a serious criminal offence in the UK.

The use of flares on British streets is a serious criminal offence

Their Scottish Red Front logo features the same clenched fist as their German predecessors used on all their insignias and their registered trademark since March 1, 1926. It stands for “protecting the friend, fighting off the enemy” (German: “schützend den Freund, abwehrend den Feind”). It is an oath to defend the USSR.

Logo of 1930s Berlin communist militia

The Red Front group was formed in 1924 because it was felt that the Communist Party of Germany was not violent enough. In 1929, after their participation in the bloody protests following the ban on the celebrating of International Workers’ Day in Berlin, during which more than 30 people were shot and killed by the police, the organisation was banned and all its assets confiscated by the government.

The Red Front revival in Scotland state on their website that they are “self-funded”. Whether Soros backs them or not, we do not know, but on closer inspection, they are raising funds via capitalist means. The hardcore Marxists are selling, not handing out for free, merchandise.

For just £13, you too can look like a Frontkämpferbund libtard


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