Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Remoaners full of lies: Economy THRIVING since Brexit vote

We shall all remember the doom and gloom generated by Project Fear that warned us of immediate Armageddon if we were to vote to leave the EU, but what has really happened?

Studying my own backyard it appears the story is very different. Swindon is an industrial town that was born on the back of the steam age. Its geographical location between London and Bristol made it the prime choice for Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a pioneer of the railway who selected the town to build steam trains.

Although the rail works closed in 1986 the town has attracted other manufacturing industries and is home to BMW and Honda. What impact has the EU referendum result had on these businesses?

It is clear that the industry is not in recession as we were told by then chancellor George Osborne. BMW are continuing to offer apprenticeships to school leavers and are also looking for technicians, toolmakers, HR staff and senior management. This is something that contradicts what we were told would happen.

The story is the same with Honda who are also looking to expand their work force. The Japanese car giant backs post-Brexit Britain with £200million investment boost and has turned its plant in Swindon into a ‘global production hub’ for the Honda Civic.

It is clear that that the referendum result is having a positive effect on our economy, the Pound is currently trading at 1.4160 against the US Dollar and is well above where even the most bullish forecasters would have estimated it at this point in 2018.

The ‘despite Brexit’ term continues to be bandied about by the EU-funded BBC and others but the proof is in the pudding. It is now time the doom-mongers got behind the country instead of wishing it to fail in an act that is liken to ‘cutting one’s nose off to spite the face’ as we march forward into a bright and positive future for all.

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