Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

House of Lords warned not to BLOCK the will of the people

Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged by MPs from the Bow Group and the Bruges Group to call on the Commons to reject any amendments by the House of Lords if peers attempt to block or water down Brexit.

However, it may be rather moot, because such a delay would probably hold up Brexit beyond the two year period in which we have to formalise a deal with the EU. Further, the Commons already rebelled against Theresa, so probably will again.

They raised concerns that Remain-backing Lords will change the EU Withdrawal Bill in a way which keeps Britain tied to Brussels rule; perhaps meaning Britain will maintain open borders with the EU.

According to figures collated by ITV’s Peston on Sunday, it was revealed more than 600 peers backed remaining in the EU compared to just 165 peers who wanted the leave the Brussels bloc.

Philip Davies MP insisted Parliament “must act on the will of the people not the Lords”.

Shipley MP Mr Davies said: “Whilst the House of Lords has a Remain majority, they would do well to remember their unelected nature and the potential backlash to their shunning of a majority decision taken by the public.

“Parliament must act on the will of the people not the Lords.”

Benjamin Harris-Quinney, Bow Group Chairman, added: “What these MPs have told the Bow Group is that their red lines are very clear and they will not support a government that does not deliver on them.

“They are far greater in number than the remain rebels and many of them have spent 30 or 40 years campaigning for Brexit – they aren’t going to give up now.

“Whilst technically Theresa May has enough support in Parliament as a whole to pass a soft Brexit – 130 Conservative MPs being opposed to it will topple the government immediately preventing such a bill from being passed.”

It is shocking that a few hundred unelected Lords have the power to overturn a mandate that 17.4 million people voted for. It is especially disturbing that the 102 unelected Lib Dem peers can halt this bill, even though they only have a handful of elected MPs. Any attempt to create a constitutional crisis will very likely lead to calls for disbandment of this unelected chamber of unrepresentative politicians.

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