Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Soros Vice-Chair hired by Remoaner group Best for Britain

Claims that Remoaners are the liberal elite will certainly be destroyed as they appoint as their king Lord Malloch-Brown, who is the Vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management, yes, a servant of Mr Globalist himself.

The latest hire by Remoaners’ top bloc Best for Britain reveals a lot about the organisation that was fronted by Wet Tory MP Nicky Morgan and Lib Dem Nick Clegg.

It is controversial enough that Open Britain’s attempts to block Brexit are being bankrolled by City PR firms and an investment banker. Best of Britain had do one better, and chose a man whose CV features the very down-to-earth role of Vice-President of the World Bank. We can be absolutely sure he won’t serve the interest of banksters!

Lord Malloch-Brown is a real man of the people, with his six directorships, including two oil and gas companies and an asset management firm. He has six other sources of paid employment, including a political consultancy, private equity firm and insurance company. He was a consultant to Vitol, the scandal-hit oil firm.

His CV features membership of the Guardian’s global advisory panel alongside notorious lefty Bono.

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