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Labour shuns working class as “not leftwing enough”

The son of a miner and late Labour MP has been deselected as a councillor because he is ‘too working class’.

Kieran Harpham’s electoral ward in Sheffield has been taken over by hard-Left Momentum activists who have kicked him out.

Labour insiders say the 27-year-old was seen as ‘too authentically working class’ and ‘not Left-wing enough’. This is very ironic for a party which was originally founded to support the interests of the working class.

Mr Harpham’s father, Harry, won David Blunkett’s former Sheffield seat for Labour in 2015 but died from cancer nine months later.

A veteran Sheffield councillor and Corbyn supporter said: “Broomhill is in its own world.

“It’s full of arty-farty people who think they know better than anyone else. Kieran’s problem is that he’s too authentically working class and not enough of a Left-wing intellectual for them.”

A former senior Labour councillor added: “Kieran is a really good guy, really dedicated and hard-working, who did well to win in a marginal ward in 2016.”

It shows that the party has become out of touch with its core supporters.

As commenter PraiseKek on MailOnline said: “It’s 2017, Labour is the party for bored middle-class kids to virtue signal. They congregate at Glastonbury in their £400 wellies and chant for Corbyn. The core voters were forgotten about years ago.”

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