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Kurten SLAMS lefty snowflakes: NOT ‘racist’ for snow to be white

University College London was forced to apologise for using term “white” about snow by hysterical anti-racism campaigners.  During the cold weather on Monday uni bosses writer on Twitter: “Dreaming of a white campus?”

They added: “Our campuses will be open and operating fully today so please make your way in as planned.

(We can’t guarantee snow but we’ll try!)”

Aman Thakar, a former UCL student and the Southwark Labour candidate for Borough & Bankside ward, posted the following reply, complaining about the original tweet:

The next day the uni bowed to pressure and issued a grovelling apology.

Replying to their own message they shared a video of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, adding: “We chose our words very poorly yesterday when thinking of this song.”

They went on: “We’re sorry and we’ll choose our words more carefully in the future.”

UKIP Education Spokesman and London Assembly Member David Kurten, who is himself black, pointed out that it is not racist to refer to snow as being white:

In addition, many other Twitter users replied to the tweet, ridiculing the university for its apology.

It is very sad that such an innocent tweet could be misinterpreted. You would hope that all university students and graduates would be intelligent enough to realise that the message was simply referring to snow. And how ironic for snowflakes to be triggered by snow! Maybe the campus was white due to an excessive number of snowflake students!

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