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EXPOSED: The BBC “food bank” claimant eats out, has exotic holidays

Samantha Thompson, from Barnsley, was in the audience for the BBC One current affair panel show on 14 December, when she spoke about relying on a foodbank to feed herself and her three children.

However, her Facebook page would give the impression that she has work, enjoys eating out, and it seems, even goes on exotic holidays.

Her business page on Facebook

Few of the restaurants this “hard-up” princess visits. Reminds me of poverty I witnessed in South Africa.

Either she is posting nonsense reviews of restaurants that she never went to, or she ate out a lot recently

That wouldn’t be her enjoying a sunny holiday would it?

Exotic sunny holidays

This isn’t the first such scandal.

Claire Austin, 50, accused Nicola Sturgeon of failing to pump necessary funds into the health service and said she “can’t manage” on her wages, and has to go to the food bank.

Claire blasted the First Minister during the live BBC Scotland clash and said she “can’t manage” on her wages

However, her Facebook has online snaps of her dining out on swanky food and bubbly. Awkward! According to her social media entries, she ate out in Edinburgh’s posh Malmaison hotel in February, drank expensive champagne at a birthday party in her house and celebrated New Year with bubbly in the five-star Plaza Hotel in New York.

Nurse Claire enjoys fizz at Plaza Hotel in New York earlier this year

The nurse was snapped drinking Moët et Chandon and Bollinger fizz

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