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Ed Sheeran says he LOVES Jeremy Corbyn

Singer Ed Sheeran told the Sunday Times this weekend that he loves Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

‘I love Corbyn. I love everything Corbyn is about. And I feel ­people thought that, because I didn’t put myself behind him, I wasn’t a Corbyn supporter. But if you knew me as a person, and listened to my music, you would be able to make a pretty educated guess that he would be the kind of person I really dig. He cares about other people. He cares about all classes, races and generations, and that’s how I was brought up — we need more people that care about everyone.’

Does Sheeran realise that being a Corbynista is not edgy, the hard-left is full of privileged chattering classes types from monied London neighbourhoods, who believe they too are ‘radical and edgy’ progressives?

Look how they flirt with the symbols and rhetoric of 20th-century totalitarianism. The Labour flag they are so fond of waving has a Soviet feel to it, the New Labour rose being ditched when Miliband was at the helm. (Even Corbynista has a ring of Venezuelan rebel about it – the same country that has oil reserves and the people now have to sell their hair to eat food, when they are not eating their pets that is).

Jeremy Corbyn is not so much a leader as a comforting figure of righteous inertia. A kindly old uncle who once supported the IRA. He doesn’t challenge anything or take uncomfortable decisions. In fact he doesn’t take any decisions at all.

He cares. But that is not enough.

And, like Labour, Ed Sheeran seems to have deserted his core fan base.

It will be interesting how his next album sales go.

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