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Crappy new Star Wars movie is blatant lefty propaganda

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the top-rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, according to critics, but scroll down the movie’s page a little further and audience testimonies tell a different story.

A quick look at r/StarWars over on Reddit will give you an idea of just how negative a reaction the film is getting from many of its most die hard fans.

Online social media board 4chan has hit out hard at the so blatantly and cringeworthy culturally Marxist propaganda piece. Many of the reviews left on The Last Jedi’s page call out the libtarded film for its inclusion of “SJW” concepts, criticising the movie for its desperate attempt at diversity with forced inclusion of powerful female figures.

The online magazine Dangerous states, “There is a painfully obvious “diversity” agenda at play throughout the whole thing. It’s almost assumed this would happen and explaining it in too much detail is pointless. You have the ethnic team of rebels taking down the entirely white empire, and that’s about it. “

Even filthy commie rag, the Guardian, agrees as it states that the movie scores well for minority representation. As the lefty newspaper states, “with a female lead, a black co-star and a Latin-American heartthrob, this film takes it to a whole new level of progressive fantasy, taking aim at capitalism, the Trump regime, and the very notion of heroes.”

One review, which was left earlier today from a new user named Johnny S., slammed the The Last Jedi for its political tendencies. A portion of his review can be read below.

“If you like stunning visuals, superficial character development, a choppy, incoherent, illogical plot, plot holes, SJW concepts such as capitalism is bad, animal abuse is bad, “make love not war”, every bad guy being a white male, and neutering every positive protagonist male in this movie, or you are only a casual fan of Star Wars, you’ll probably like this movie.”

The Guardian admits that the crappy new Star Wars movie is blatant lefty propaganda: “what the new Star Wars film and the Labour leader really have in common is that they’re both as red as Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.”

With reviews entitled things like “I’m Crushed” and “Worst Star Wars Ever” being voted to the top of the community. To put things in perspective, some users over on 4chan’s film board are starting to suggest that even the much maligned prequels have more merit to them than these new Corbynista-infested commie films.

Under the heading of “THE AWKWARD POSTMODERNIST HUMOR”, Dangerous states, “This is without a doubt my main concern with The Last Jedi. …The comedy in the movie is reminiscent of a less funny episode of Family Guy, and any sense of camaraderie within the cast is absent. They need not bother with a blooper reel on the DVD release, because the film itself suffices.


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