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CNN idiots declare that Thomas the Tank Engine is a Nazi, brainwashing kids

There are moments in life when things are so weird, surreal, when you come across some lefty nonsense so crazy, you wonder if this life is real. Leading American news outlet CNN has actually declared that Thomas the Tank Engine is a Nazi.

Paw Patrol and Thomas were slammed as “fascist cartoons” by the media outlet’s village idiot Elissa Strauss. The news outlet, described by US President Donald Trump as “very fake news”, warned of “our children tuning in for a regular dose of primary-colored authoritarianism”.

I cannot believe the lefty media is going nuts about the little blue train. Buzzfeed, known for spewing out empty, cheap garbage that escaped the landfill, called Thomas “terrible” and pointed to supposed instances of gender and social inequality that go unchecked on the show. What? Not enough girl trains?

Obsessed with race and gender, it seems CNN is bigoted as it moans the show should be produced “without the white guy on top”.

When the Guardian, supposedly a serious British newspaper, is not whining that Thomas is anti-environmentalist – carbon footprint too high with all that coal – it is attacking Ryder, the main character in “Paw Patrol”, a kids’ cartoon about a group of rescue dogs. Supposedly the young lad is a megalomaniac with an implied “unstoppable God complex.”

Sir Hatt, formerly “The Fat Controller” until that was deemed politically incorrect, has now been deemed a white supremacist

Taking a swipe at both Ryder and Sir Hatt, the CNN freak who threw up this tripe dribbled into the keyboard, “these leaders, both white males, look like most figures in position of authority in the real world is not lost on children”. Sir Topham Hatt from the Thomas the Tank Engine series was called “a neocolonial autocrat”.

CNN lamented that merchandise featuring white boy Ryder and the gang outsells most other television shows, according to recent data from the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association. I guess he must be suffering from “white privilege”. There are serious issues in the world, such as the slave trade in Libya, where black men are sold for $70 dollars, but the left would rather wage war on a cartoon!

Lefty media want Ryder banned, because he is a boy, not a girl

The parents who buy these products are supposedly happy that their kids are exposed to Nazism, as CNN states, “parents who are OK with some degree of autocracy and Manichean dualistic politics”. Seriously, when has a parent gone to the store, and thought, “Hey, let’s get my son this blue train because it will inspire him to build the Fourth Reich”?

UCLA scientist Yalda T. Uhls has to weigh in, “Rigidness and simplicity of narrative (in children’s television shows) is really important, because in the real world so much is going on. And young children aren’t really capable of abstract thought.”

Strauss is clearly not the only hard-core postmodernist freak because the New Yorker magazine sentences Thomas to the bin, with the judgment that his island of Sordor is a “premodern corporate-totalitarian dystopia”.

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