Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

BBC Bias Backlash: Millions refuse to pay licence tax.

The BBC has faced a huge backlash from disgruntled viewers leaving millions not renewing their TV licence due to ‘institutional bias’ that was independently proven throughout the EU Referendum and is thought to still continue to this day.

The term ‘despite Brexit’ has become a well-known phrase that the BBC used and is now mocked by critics such as Jacob Rees-Mogg due to the pro-EU bias. The BBC receive funding from the EU, quashing any claims that the organisation can be impartial.

Over the last few years, almost 3.5 million British citizens have refused to pay a penny more to what branded an ‘out dated model’ in the age of Amazon and Netflix. Many do not value the service suggesting they are fed up of watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ repeats and the demise of the Christmas schedule that continues to prove disappointing.

Employee and broadcaster Evan Davis said the BBC is constantly getting emails from licence fee payers accusing them of pandering to certain political parties. But he claimed that ‘no one at the BBC takes those kinds of things into account’ because it is ‘very rare’ for the issue to be brought up.

Martin Costello and Godfrey Bloom at the Massive Protest Against BBC Bias

Martin Costello from the Swindon branch of the People’s Charter successfully petitioned a debate in the commons last month to ‘Abolish the TV licence’. This and a similar petition attracted over 140,000 signatures.

“The debate was a total whitewash” he said. “It was completely one sided and shockingly seven of the MPs defending the world’s oldest broadcasting organisation where ex-BBC staff!”

“I believe in this day and age of many Freeview channels, we should not be forced to fund the BBC even if one has no intention of watching it – it is time we caught up with the times and this becomes a subscription service” he went on to say.

The People’s Charter will be holding a second protest outside Broadcasting House on Sunday 4th March following the success of the last event in November that saw hundreds rally in London following a list of high profile speeches.

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