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TV Licence Debate a Lefty Love Fest

Today was the hearing of the BBC debate resultant from the petition Martin Costello began.

Labour wind bag Helen Jones MP proudly stated that only 57% of Britons trust BBC News – hardly a cause for celebration, because it means that nearly half the nation have no respect for the outlet. After giving excuses to keep the TV licence, her leftwing bias became blatant: she said the BBC is vital for finding truth in age of Fox News & alternative media. Yes, how dare we share real news, and how outrageous that Martin Costello filed the petition that resulted in this Parliament debate.

Helen Jones MP made clear that she backs BBC News, because of its centre-left output. After some wild claim that Russia (Putin) is influencing our politics, she lashed out at CNN viewers, as having intelligence of a “gnat” – somehow oblivious to the fact that BBC is the British CNN. Does she think the same of Brexiteers, 52% of country, that the BBC is biased against?

Respect to Alan Brown MP of the SNP for calling out Gary Lineker’s exuberant salary at taxpayers’ expense. We may not want Scotland to leave us, but on the BBC tax, we appear to have common ground! You tell ’em, man! Don’t stop, you legend!

Shame on Tory (LibDem??) Mims Davies for hijacking the @BBC tax debate for some virtue signalling, as she plugged BBC Children In Need – an annual contest of rich millionaires who demand the working class save world poverty. She acknowledged she worked for the BBC. Moreover, she peddled feminist “pay gap”, been shown by many to be a myth. However, she did say BBC tax may be dated.

Whiny drip Chris Matheson, Labour MP for Chester took a most savage dig at Alan Brown MP, who responded that he doesn’t miss watching BBC. The Labour MP said he doesn’t understand Welsh; he doesn’t understand the British people full stop! He admitted lefty bias: saying a collectivist service is better than individualism.

Conservative MP Julian Knight is such a cuck: he desperately reached for #ProjectFear as he claimed ending TV tax would destroy the British economy, and end British culture. Considering the silence on Rotherham, the bias against Brexit, and the ignoring of the FLA march, that is sure some bastion of our nation! #Anglophobia

While dissing the notion of BBC News bias, the smooth-tongue admitted as a Tory working for BBC, he didn’t feel could express his views while outnumbered by “lefties” who only read FT and the Guardian. Slicko made the absurd claim there is no Brexit bias, though 70 MPs wrote a letter saying otherwise!

You can clearly see in this photo that no one is enjoying the sewage, sorry, words flowing from Julian Knight MP’s mouth. If this man is a conservative, the Pope’s a Muslim. Despite acknowledging BBC lefty bias, he defended them, THE LEFT!! Whose side is this cuck on?

Gregory Campbell MP of the DUP is a bloody legend! He certainly held the BBC to account, as he called out the lack of efficiency, and the blatant bias. So pleased that the DUP are in our government, hindering Theresa Maybe’s drift left.

Peter “Hot Air” Heaton-Jones, North Devon’s supposedly conservative MP (LibDem?), defended the lefty behemoth, claiming it is neutral. What a load of nonsense!! Even the BBC’s Nick Robinson admitted their bias on Brexit.

Heaton-Jones was desperately virtue signalling – did he imply that BBC is too white? Some rant about minorities not being represented. He said he has no idea how to fund TV without tax. Has he not heard of Netflix? He admitted he’s “not very bright”. Special interest: worked for @BBC (17yrs).

“Hot Air” you are elected by your constituents to speak for THEM, not the BBC! You were using the power of Parliament to lambast those who appoint you – hardly in the spirit of democracy. Shame on you, slick coward. Not a man of the people. No facts. Waffling liberal mouthpiece.

A lot of eloquent, beautiful words by Matthew Hancock, Conservative MP, as he smoothly spoke, praising the rest of the room, with some fantastic wit, but his position in this debate was rather unclear. Stop sitting on the fence, man! Take a side!

Martin Costello’s MP was not present, to which MBGA tweeted near the close of the session: “Hey @RobertBuckland did you get lost mate? People are waiting for you to speak at TV licence debate! Forgot to set your alarm this morning? Busy with the secretary? ?? Come on man!”

He then arrived in the chamber, but failed to read out the letter from the man who raised this motion: Martin Costello.

Luke Nash-Jones sent question to his MP, Ranil Jayawardena, regards today’s TV licence debate, but Ranil didn’t turn up. Nash-Jones won’t be campaigning for Ranil whenever be the next election. Why elect this man if he doesn’t express the will of his constituents?

The BBC tax debate was stuffed full of liberal elite air bags who worked for the behemoth. Overall it was just a lefty circle jerk …almost all present were ex-BBC staff waffling and almost back-slapping …thank you to the DUP for turning up and speaking sense! Some good comments from SNP representative too.

Where were Jacob Rees Mogg, John Redwood, Andrea Leadsom, Andrew Rosindell, David Davies, Ranil Jayawardena, etc.? Our Parliament fails to serve people if the right do not speak for us!

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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