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The Left Are Upping The Ante

Recently, the sentiment of the British people has been changing, noticeably so. There has been the peaceful march by the Football Lads Alliance (FLA). It was attended by 73,000 people and the BBC decided not to report on it – so they are taking part in another one outside Broadcasting House on November 5th. The Chartists movement protested against both Labour inviting MEND to Parliament, and against BBC bias. Some UKIP members have spoken out on the dangers of Islamism, and also Anne Marie Waters has formed a new political party (For Britain). Tommy Robinson and others, including MBGA News, have campaigned for the CPS to review the case of Chelsey, a victim of a Islamist grooming gang in Sunderland. There have been some other well attended events too.

These have been populated not by chanting blackshirts, harking back to the glories of 1939 and the Reich, but by ordinary working-class people frustrated by a surge in crime and terrorism. Mothers, fathers, young people who feel the job market is becoming overcrowded and are unable to get work. They are being undercut by migrants, who may be nice people but who will work for substantially less, undercutting the minimum wage. The future is beginning to look bleak. Parts of Britain are becoming no-go zones after dark, with a knife or a ‘sharp’ used in an assault approximately every 14 minutes.

Some have lost friends and family, or know people who have, to the terrorist incidents that are happening with alarming regularity. Suspects are arrested and then released without charge. Others have daughters who are victims of the grooming gangs. In Rotherham alone there were 1400 victims. As if that wasn’t bad enough, parents who tried to intervene were arrested for breach of the peace!

The people of Britain are demanding something more than sound bites and platitudes and some media coverage would be welcome.

Cue ITV. On November 9th ITV are airing a programme called Exposure. Not to expose the grooming gangs, and not to address the woes of our young who are struggling. The show’s tagline is “Inside Britain’s New Far Right”!

Between June and October 2017 an undercover reporter has taken video footage and audio recordings of Anne Marie Waters and the FLA in a number of pubs. Here is a copy of the correspondence the producers have given to AMW: Here

It can be seen that they are also bringing in two ‘experts’ on extremism. One is Nick Lowles and the other Matthew Collins. The former is CEO of Hope Not Hate (HNH), formerly Searchlight the anti-fascist group who benefit from government and Soros funding, and the latter is an alleged ex-BNP mole who also works for Searchlight/HNH.

Hope Not Hate have a very welcoming name and an even nicer logo, of a stylised sun. But they are not impartial. In fact the CEO was allegedly no platformed by the National Union of Students last year, so that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement. In January they will be joined by Matthew MacGregor. He was the digital attack guru for Barack Obama in 2012 and was tasked with discrediting Mitt Romney.

That is all well and good. But where are the fascists? Where are the Nazis? They are not at these meetings or marches. No, ordinary people are there. That is all.

The fact that ordinary people are not accepting the platitudes and lies is evident. What is also evident is that the left of centre and hard left who not only are in positions of power but also control a large section of the media are upping the ante.

And in the New Year I think we will see more concerted action to stifle debate. Is that not what happened in 1939? The difference this time is that it is the ones who shout loudest who are the Anti-fascists, who are a direct descendant of Roter Kampferbund, and the real threat to peace, to democracy, to liberty!

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